Sunday, February 22, 2015

First the fire, then the water

"Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you," Harper said in closing his speech to Israel's parliament in January 2014. 

I guess he meant that literally. 

Hundreds of Palestinians flee as Israel opens dams into Gaza Valley

"Hundreds of Palestinians were evacuated from their homes Sunday morning after Israeli authorities opened a number of dams near the border, flooding the Gaza Valley in the wake of a recent severe winter storm.

Israeli dams on the river to collect rainwater have dried up the wetlands inside Gaza, and destroyed the only source of surface water in the area.

The chief of the civil defence agency in Gaza told Al Jazeera: "Israel opened water dams, without warning, last night, causing serious damage to Gazan villages near the border. More than 40 homes were flooded and 80 families are currently in shelters as a result."

Over a hundred thousand Gazans lost their home in the fire-bombing of Gaza last year.

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West End Bob said...

At a loss for words, all I can say is this really pisses me off.

No doubt stevie will condone the action, however . . . .

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