Thursday, May 07, 2015

Cons, Libs pass C-51 anti-terrorism law.

"The federal government's controversial new anti-terrorism bill has won the approval of the House of Commons.The Anti-Terrorism Act, also known as Bill C-51, easily passed third reading by a margin of 183 to 96, thanks to the Conservative government's majority and the promised support of the third-party Liberals."

April 1, 2015
"Not one of the more than 100 amendments submitted by opposition parties to try and change the government’s much-criticized anti-terror bill were adopted as a House of Commons committee wrapped up its study of the legislation." 
During a clause-by-clause consideration of Bill C-51 that ran late into Tuesday evening, the public safety and national security committee voted down all the amendments proposed by the NDP, Liberals and Green Party. 
The bill on the whole was passed in committee with Conservatives and Liberals voting in favour, and the NDP against."

Justin Trudeau answering questions on his support for C-51 at UBC, March 4, 2015:
Transcript :

Trudeau : "I agree that Canadians have real concerns about this bill and that's why we're putting forward some very very clear improvements.  My hope, however, is that this government, the same way it did on C-31- the TellVicEverything Bill, and some other ones, that it actually realizes from public pressure that it is going to have to make significant amendments to this bill. But we know that tactically this government would be perfectly happy if the opposition completely voted against this bill. Because it fits into their fear narrative and let's people bash people on security. 

The fact is I don't want to encourage them to not make those amendments. If they think if they don't make the amendments that the Liberal Party won't support this bill, they can make political hay out of it and I do not want this government making political hay out of an issue - more than they're already trying to - out of an issue as important as security for Canadians. 

This conversation might be different if we weren't months from an election campaign but we are. And the fact is these measures - three measures in particular that I talked about - are going to keep Canadians safer in the immediate, deserve to be brought in. The bill needs to be fixed and if this government doesn't do it now, we will do it after the next election."

Q : "Ok, you yourself have expressed reservations about this bill. And yet you've already all but unconditionally guaranteed your support of the bill."

Trudeau : "That's the same question we had earlier."

Q : "It's not. You said I am hopeful that the government .... but if the government does not, I will still support the bill."

Trudeau : "Yes"

Q  : "Now if the government does not accept your amendments..." 

Trudeau : "If the government does not support my amendments, we're still going to support the bill.  We will be offering changes as part of our election platform because Canadians are asking for those changes and when we form government we will bring it in." 

Q : "Sir, I must say supporting a bill you know is dangerous while promising to reform it when you are elected to government is tantamount to holding our rights hostage where our vote is our ransom."

Trudeau : "Yes I appreciate that. [Applause]  Thank you for expressing your concern.  I've heard this - we've heard this from Canadians and I share those concerns about this bill and that's why the pressure that you and everyone else are putting on this government is getting them to understand that if they don't bring in oversight, if they don't bring in review, if they don't narrow the overly broad provisions in this bill, they're going to have a very difficult time in the next election campaign convincing Canadians that they're worthy of their trust.  And I think that that's a good thing - that Canadians are challenging them on this and I certainly hope that it will result in this government making significant amendments to this bill, but the fact is there are elements in this bill that keep Canadians safe right now, and I am not going to ...sorry?" 

Q: "Can you give examples?"

Trudeau : "Yes I can give three examples ... preventative arrests... Sorry, there's a whole bunch of people here with questions, ok? And i think I've been very generous - I've answered a couple of times on this one. I appreciate your presence here today. It's great to see you. Thank you very much for your support. I'm glad you're taking an interest in the process but I am going to get a few more questions in on this."  

45 of 48 witnesses who appeared before the House Committee criticized the bill.
The bill now goes before the Liberal and Conservative held Senate for an easy passage into law.

Below are the 33 Liberals MPS who voted in favour of C-51 May 6, 2015

Write to them. Tell them their peacetime consiglieri appeasing Harper aren't cutting it :


zoombats in Hong Kong said...

I guess I have no recourse but to vote NDP.

Flatlander said...

I agree with Zoombats. I was considering a vote for the Liberals however, based on utter stupidity like this, I am now voting NDP.
I don't see much of a difference between the federal Liberals and the Conservatives any more.
Neither have Canadian's best interests at heart.

Dana said...

Y'know what?

I can understand the thinking behind the Lib decision.

Had they opposed this piece of shit legislation the Harperian attack machine would have been relentless with the 'Liberals support terrists' shit.

Eliminating a point of attack isn't necessarily an indication of agreement.

It's politics after all - if it were an integrity competition I might have a different opinion but integrity in Canadian politics has already proven to be a vote killer.

West End Bob said...

Trudeau : "If the government does not support my amendments, we're still going to support the bill. We will be offering changes as part of our election platform because Canadians are asking for those changes and when we form government we will bring it in."

Q : "Sir, I must say supporting a bill you know is dangerous while promising to reform it when you are elected to government is tantamount to holding our rights hostage where our vote is our ransom."

It's statements like the above that are exactly why I informed the MP for my riding - Ms. Hedy Fry - that in no good conscience could I ever cast a vote for her or her party . . . .

Anonymous said...

I can understand the thinking behind the Lib decision.

All liberals understand the thinking behind the Lib decision, Dana - that's what makes them liberals, that's why they're not fit to govern.

Anonymous said...

Do we know about the reason behind those three Liberals not voting? Were they just away?

Dana said...

Hey anonymous.

Go fuck yourself.

Anonymously, of course. You wouldn't be able to do it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Liberals,Cons no difference, turn them upside down and they look like sisters.

Anonymous said...

It is a bit like hostaging our rights though I doubt this issue however divisive and concerning to all it may be, likely won't be too much of a vote splitter among party faitful.

Looking at the election reform that was brought in, my guess is that the CPC strategy will be too bombard Ontario with the considerably broadened spending limits on the three by-elections there and then drop the general writ in September. They'll spend the summer campaigning and then be able to immediately recoup 60% of what they spend.

More info:

MyPetGloat said...

Joyce Murray is the Liberal Vic Toews. Her disgusting performance in the HoC:

As someone said, Liberals boil frogs while Harper smashes them with a hammer. In this case, the Liberals went for the hammer.

Dana said...

Pyrrhic victories are the easiest to win.

All you have to do is lose.

The Mound of Sound said...

Writing to them would be like yelling at a tree stump.

zoombats in Hong Kong said...

Having to vote for NDP doesn't brand me as a past Liberal. I have followed the situation quite closely over the years and have come to the realization that our system is seriously flawed. All the talk of strategic voting aside, one can only come to the conclusion that you must still vote with conscience. If I couldn't vote for Belinda Stronach as a Con, how could I vote for her as a liberal? How can I vote for a Blonde Bimbo floor crosser or a Retired police chief who demonstrated his disdain for human rights and freedom, now only to promise to uphold them? Justin Trudeau is a lightweight and out of his league. That doesn't make me a Con it only makes me aware of our choices that have been lacking for such a long time now. After witnessing the Alberta thing only to be countered by the British thing I still have to vote with my conscience and I will not "hold my nose" and cast a vote.

Anonymous said...

Supporters publicly abandoning Liberal Party over Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51

They don't support proportional representation but they do support this bill. That's pretty well it for me ever voting Liberal again.

Dana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zoombats in Hong Kong said...

Dana, you need help, so emotional. See a doctor and mind your language. I'm not offended. I could give a rats ass. Any of you who are sold on Trudeau because of his father remember this. He is his mother's son.

Dana said...

I deleted my earlier comment. I was enraged and had had one glass of wine too many.

But zoombats above deserves a few whacks upside the head if he's inferring what it appears he's inferring.

Anonymous said...

I actually find it refreshing to see such gusto coming out of the comments section. Though I'm of the mind that you'd have to be a bit crazy to Believe in partisan politics. How many examples are there of just the most bat-shit crazy narratives being proposed.

Take the Rehtaeh law hate speech provisions being applied to the BDS movement. The Feds have been engaging in their own boycott, divesting, and sanctioning of the Iranian government for years. It's an international tactic used to apply pressure on the targeted nation-state to reform. Iran has moved towards reforms, the state of Israel on the other hand, not so much...

Anonymous said...

I've heard these liberal ducks fart in shallow political water in years past as in Cretian saying he would get rid of the free trade deal and the GST only to trip over themselves in the hurry to implementation. Trudeau is going to do the same thing..lie deny than act surprised when the shit hits.
The lieberals and the Cons have been tag team Canadians for the last 148 years. Time to wake up and kick both their sorry assessment out.


Anonymous said...

Nine days with no Alison. Everything ok?

Alison said...

Everything's fine, thanks. Busy with a couple of projects - back in a couple of days.

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