Thursday, September 24, 2015

Diane Watts, Jihadi Fighter

The election flyer landing on doorsteps in South Surrey-White Rock BC shows the three main party leaders - Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, and an apparent new entry to the race :"YOU WILL NOT FEEL SECURE IN YOUR BEDROOMS". 

They are featured above a brave pledge by CPC candidate Diane Watts to "fight Jihadist Terrorists at home and abroad." 

You go, girl. 

In response to catching flack for "the worst example of politics of fear that I’ve ever seen" as one of her constituents put it, Watts issued a statement :

"ISIS has clearly declared Canada as a target for terrorism. We have seen such acts on Canadian soil with the death of our Canadian soldier in Ottawa — in Quebec and a foiled attempt at the B.C. Legislature."

Someone in her office purportedly explained the flyers were not really Diane's fault : 
"That came directly from Ottawa."
Which interestingly enough is the same response local CPC campaigns gave to Elections Canada the day before the last federal election about CPC live and robo-calls purveying incorrect poll location information. Elections Canada  :
"When contacted by returning officers, local Conservative Party campaigns advised that the calls were from the national campaign of the party, and that the campaigns could not stop them.”

Meanwhile two ridings away, households in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country received CPC incumbent John Weston's 6"x10" glossy flyer. Half of it features Trudeau and the other half the actress from the Cons' "Just Not Ready" video. 

Notice what's missing in these flyers? 

They might come from "directly from Ottawa" but there's nary a mention in them anywhere of Steve.


Kev said...

Of the local campaign signs only the Conservatives don't mention the leader. They certainly see Harper as a liability at this point

Unknown said...

The Nabobs of Negativity "think" we have nothing to gain by STANDING on GUARD for Canada's Christian and Jewish VALUES and the Ten Commandments these fools don't wish to value. Do you fools not know our neighbour to the south, are NEVER going to know what hit them? Barry Soetoro was a well known gay lawyer in Chicago, a mulatto, not black, educated a MUSLIM in Indonesia who will bring SHARIA Law and BEHEAD Millions of Americans, whose First Transgender "Lady" Michelle probably has a bigger package then Barry. And as usual the Pope is in on it. ANYTHING for POWER and PROFIT. NAH that MADMAN Hitler could NEVER do that to a nice nation like Germany. But for the Brits and the Commonwealth standing alone from 1939-41 you'd all be liquidated and "enjoying" the Third Reich. Prime Minister Harper is the ONLY one standing alone today, my prayers go with him alone.

Mackenna said...

ISIS in Surrey? Um NO. Surrey, Watts' riding, is riddled with gang violence that the Harper conservatives vowed to counter by adding more RCMP. They never delivered on that promise, then Watts decided to join the party. Citizens of Surrey are more likely to have their homes invaded by drug addicts or be shot in parking lots by random white psychos but I'm sure these scary flyers will distract them from that reality. If you look closely at any photo of Watts, her eyes are crossed. Windows of the soul.

Dana said...

Hey, you got your very own full blown crazy assed bigot white cracker shitheel troll.

Best one I've seen in a very long time too.

Way to go.

Kev said...

It never ceases to amaze that people like Chris who obviously fear fascism invariably support people like Harper who are the most likely to lead us down that path

norberto rodriguez said...

Here in the South Okanagan-West Kootenay ride, the Conservative candidate is Marshall Neufeld and he sent a very similar fear-mongering card. This shows they are only puppets of the big Puppet Master. I even think Neufeld is a "mini-harper" for the way he talks, behaves and performs in the debates. Scary!

Unknown said...
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cocoabean said...

"Muslim terrorism" is an ISSUE???? What are we - Americans?

With the Canadian economy dead in the water and MASSIVE government deficits (and austerity cuts) looming? With no careers - and very few jobs - to speak of? With resource industries imploding?

Maybe this "terrorist threat" bullshit plays well in suburban subdivisions and condo towers...?

Anonymous said...

The debates and the election at large has been played to the completely wrong tune. If the niqab and jihadi terrorism is the election issue everyone is talking about, then that means we're having an election to decide what to do about a)what a very small segment of the female population wear at one particular moment and b)a foreign policy in which we are actively supporting the main proponent of the ideas which the group we are actively denouncing is spawned.

I've watched the four debates and frankly there are some mighty soft pitches to take a swing at for our dear incumbent leader.


Alison said...

Anon : According to Radio Canada, exactly two women have declined to unveil since 2011, so naturally we should be spending a whole lot of election treasure on this important issue.

And b) - yeah, that and those *allies* bombing more wedding parties again.

Meanwhile, don't mention the TTP; I did once but I think I got away with it

Anonymous said...

Yes well...the caretaker convention among many others wouldn't stop this government from setting us up for NAFTA on steroids, just in case they happen to lose the election and need some plum positions in the private sector to fall back on.

I bet in less than two years we'll see a host of conflict of interest stories outlining how the CPC members are personally and privately profiting from this deal.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick follow up:

According to this there are only 50 women wearing the niqab in Quebec.

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