Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cons struggle to find their opposition feet

"They're stealing all our best shit," wailed CPC MP Remplestiltskin from her parliamentary selfie twitter account, rattling off all the HarperGov ideas embraced by the Liberals since they formed a majority government in October :

Saudi arms deal - check
TPP signed - check
Return of the F35 bid - check
Keystone XL pipeline - check
Energy east pipeline - check
Voted for C-51 - check
Canadian Wheat Board stays ditched - check
Investor-state dispute mechanism ISDS - check and check
CIRDI mining company catspaw reconfirmed - check
Covered for CSIS in torture cases - check
Voted against all measures for Palestine at the UN - check

"And you just know they're going to vote in favour of our motion condemning BDS in the House next week," she fumed, although she allowed this has in fact always been Justin Trudeau's position. 

"The Conservative Party worked very hard for ten years to remake the Canadian brand and it's like the Liberals stole all our best ideas and stuck their own name on them."

A Liberal source who spoke on background thinks his CPC colleague is over-reacting.
"There's lots of other Con ideas left the official opposition can raise in the House," he said. 
"New wars, for instance. While Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada could soon join a military coalition to return to Libya, we haven't said we're going to actually bomb any new countries so there's that."

"Look on the bright side," he continued. "Remember 18 months ago when that delegation of Liberal and Conservative MPs and senators went to Jerusalem and sang O Canada at the Canada-Israel Solidarity Rally during Day 23 of Operation Protective Edge

Remember how rewarding it felt to be Conservatives and Liberals working together in support of Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians?"

"Sunny ways are here to stay," he quipped. "Better get used to it."

 Rempelstiltskin™ : the Salamander

Greenwald/Fishman @The Intercept : Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West: Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation


Kev said...

I see what you did there

lungta said...

the betrayal runs deep with this one...
last year one of my fears was a shifty Trudeau
sliding seamlessly into the bunker that harper built
sort of the new default canadian political policy
for a canada i don't recognize (ty stevey)
and lots of time to back-peddle on the rest of the promises
4 years in power coming
and all i get is a selfie? oh canada!

West End Bob said...

International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on Thursday, but made it clear that signing is not the same as ratifying.

No, but it's a damn big step toward ratifying it, Chrystia. Big surprise there - NOT!

Nice set of links in this piece, M'Lady - Thanks . . . .

susansmith said...

Trudeau shape shifts & embodies Harper with selfie allure.

Boris said...

Well, same old Grit External err Foreign err Global Affairs policy. A bit less covered in fear and bigotry driven rhetoric than the Con variety, probably more thoughtfully considered and advised, but similar result.

Bombing is Humanitarian Interventionism/Responsibility to Protect/[insert fancy in vogue liberal policy idea of your choice].

Trade agreements all fit withing liberal economic thinking. Not surprised there.

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