Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dear Postmedia Editorial Board

This : 
is not an adequate response or apology for what was previously published in that same space by the Postmedia Editorial Board on August 24th : "[Elizabeth] May must renounce anti-Israel resolutions". Excerpted :

You are not RebelMedia. 
You are not some partisan advocacy organization that can pass off the blame for this appalling libelous attack on some hapless newbie book reviewer - although I notice you share with them the phrase "figleaf of Jewishness". 
No, you are the editorial board of Vancouver's largest newspaper. Shame on you for stating Independent Jewish Voices supports terrorism and denies the Holocaust.

IJV Statement On Canadian Media Giant Libeling Us

Corey Levine : Why I Asked The Green Party To Challenge The JNF's Charitable Status

The only upside to this ridiculous op-ed is the thorough drubbing you received in comments below it. First five comments, excerpted :
"As a former journalist and chair of Langara's journalism program, I'm shocked by the degree of distortion in this editorial."
"This editorial is preposterous!"
"What a very sad editorial, full of errors and inaccuracies and probably conscious lies."
"This 'editorial' is purposely disingenuous."
"This editorial could have been written by the Likud party."

Your op-ed also condemned a resolution sponsored by Elizabeth May and 28 other Greens calling for Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund, the largest private landowner in Israel. JNF has used its tax-deductible status in Canada to build and maintain the infamous “Canada Park” on the ruins of three Palestinian villages.  As you note in your correction, at the convention the language was watered down to call for any charitable organization's status to be revoked if they are in violation of Canadian or international law. 

In 2014 Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey was Honorary Chair of the Jewish National Fund's annual Negev Gala.  
Elizabeth May has attended their galas in the past and consulted with JNF CEO Josh Cooper prior to the Green Party convention vote.

The offending op-ed, now taken down, published in the Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen :

In February, the House of Commons passed a motion 229-to-51 condemning any actions by Canadian groups or individuals to promote the BDS movement. IJV was the first national Jewish organization globally to support the non-violent BDS movement; the Green Party is the first national party in Canada to follow suit. Bravo to you both.

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Anonymous said...

here's an archive of the editorial

West End Bob said...

Yet another case of Corporate Media lying to the sheeple.

Guess it will never end . . . .

Alison said...

Anon : That's the link that goes to "Page not found" - the one they've taken down.
Here's the original from August 24th before corrections re May's HoC BDS vote and Canada Park:
The one in the post from the following day above includes corrections.

West End Bob : We went through this a few years ago when Jason Kenney defunded Kairos due to the faulty and biased reporting of the Israeli organization NGO Monitor, whose judgements were dutifully initially reported in our press :

Unknown said...

It is garbage, why publish ih it/

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