Friday, November 25, 2005

Buy Nothing Day


Scout said...

But my order at Eddy Sander Bauer is ready! Does this mean I'll have to wait a day to pick up my Genjia Frith designed silk long johns? I was set to rev up the 4x4 Beemer and head out of my electric gated driveway to bestow myself upon the plebes.

In fact, , my cheque book is on hand waiting to donate to a worthy cause in exchange for a tax receipt should I run into some of the quaint community folk begging for their group. They're just so cute, clever, and homeless. Sorry, I meant to say homely.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to being ambivalent about BN Day. I mean I do get it as a culturejam, but it still reminds me of dieting by choice - as opposed to just being hungry because you can't afford food.

Nice poster though.

Alison said...

I agree it isn't enough, m, but that doesn't make it frivolous.
Civilization is about improving the conditions under which we have to make choices and act. BND reminds us of this.

Scout, you're pretty cute and clever yourself. I look forward to the day when you get your own blog and are not always upstaging my homely one.

Scout said...

Flatttery will get you everywhere. I tried to register for a blogspot but they kept saying I have perma 404 frost.

Meh, I'll never upstage you, you look far better then me under the wordsmith kliegs. Besides, you like it too much that you're getting attention by my insisting on responding. And of course there's your deletion control bondage finger, which I easily sucuumb to. Do they make single finger leather outfits? Whip me!

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