Monday, November 21, 2005

The Golden Gumboot Award

A nice companion piece to the Year of the Privileged Plate.

Response from the very funny Berserkley :
"The gumboot yuppies will be lining up for them! I heard Eddy Sanders Bauer will be opening a shop here to carry them, along with other exclusive lines like cashmere fisherman hats, linen 'denim' shirts, Ralph Lauren jeans with silk lined pockets and rips and tears designed by Robert Bateman, woolen socks knit by cooperative groups affordably housed in rows that circle a 'fabric sweat shop' who are allowed out twice daily to the food bank, exclusive gortex yachting rainwear fashioned with colours by Tony Onli, and 'his and her' matching Squamish Nation jewelry saying 'Made by OUR First Nations People' ....however, it will be written in Squamish and will translate to 'Fuck you, haoli, since when when were we YOURS!' "

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Scout said...

Who's this Beserkely? I'd like to get a hold of him/her for a bite on this wonderful line. Will there be a fashion show soon complete with runway?

Will Eddy Sander Bower be setting up shop at Cate's Mall, Snug Xwilil Xhwm, or Artisan Obtuse Triangle?

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