Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menzies

Ted Menzies, the Conservative Party trade critic, thinks Canada should restart missile defense talks with Bush as a way to get the Americans moving on softwood lumber. www.ceasefire.ca/
Wasn't The Phantom Menace about a trade dispute?
I fell asleep watching it right after the part where the leader is deposed by a non-confidence vote so that the Trade Federation can replace him with someone even more corrupt.
We better not fall asleep for this one.


Anonymous said...

From today's Democracy Now! (democracynow.org)

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
Headlines for November 29, 2005

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- Rep. Cunningham (R-CA) Resigns, Admits to Bribes
- Four Members of Christian Peacemakers Team Kidnapped in Iraq
- Shiite Death Squads Blamed For Deaths of 700 Sunni Civilians
- Supreme Court Nominee Alito Argued Against Immigrant Rights
- U.S. Accused of Running Gitmo-Type Prison in Kosovo
- Vatican Bans Ordination of Gay Men Into Priesthood
- Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Sibel Edmonds
Rep. Cunningham (R-CA) Resigns, Admits to Bribes
Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham has resigned after admitting to accepting more than $2.4 million in bribes from military contractors. The eight-term Congressman from California also admitted to evading more than $1 million in taxes and committing mail and wire fraud. He faces up to 10 years in jail. Cunningham served on the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense and was chair of the House Intel subcommittee on terrorism/human intelligence, analysis and counterintelligence.
and speaking of counterintelligence: how the hell does Menzies equate weapons in space with two-by-fours? the mind boggles...

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I have to be an absolute bore on this one

"Embrace the Dark". It's more then a concept. When we continue with counter-action we are "Feeding the Dark". Do we want "them" to grow? No, so we don't feed them anymore. We can poke fun, there's nothing wrong with that. But our own action, to stay in the light, must be creation, for we are creating a NEW WORLD. We waste our energy and are counter productive to ourselves by engaging.

I know this can sound like hooey, but anything that challenges our patterns usually does.

We're actually not going to stop them. Sorry. Trip into the future with me for a moment. Do this by going into the past. No I'm not stoned! Arrive at the point where past, present and future meet. There is where you see that evolution has always put destruction in a head-on collision with creation. It is the BIG BANG theory wrapped in a tiny piece of Earth's history that contains the blip about human existance. But we find it with the dinasaurs too.

Following? If not you may need peyote but I can't help you with that. Some of us can travel there on our own, this is not bragging, far from it. It is just fact.

Earth's evolution that involves the human component is waiting for the New World, but it has to happen on it's own time. It cannot be forced. Like it or not we will come to a time when we will be forced, en masse, to make a choice. We are still a couple of years from this. It will be very ugly, but from that such beauty will be born.

Meantime, have fun, live, nurture yourselves and others (a learning process for some, like myself). CREATE. Embrace.

This is meant as thought-enticing, it is not to be viewed as critism.

Alison said...

Oh, anonymous. History is filled with peoples who felt themselves to be so spiritually superior to their conquerors that they allowed themselves to be herded into oblivion. Where was their "New World" and why should we get one? And what if there isn't just one "New World" coming, but many new worlds born with every action we take?
So good luck in yours.
And no, not boring, anon, but it's tough to fit those big ideas into a tiny comments box, isn't it?

Alison said...

It's all just trading commodities to him, waterbaby.

And speaking of defense contractors, Menzies made his whack remarks to a "deep integration" panel chaired by Derek Burney.
Burney : former Canadian ambassador to US, former Chief of Staff to Mulroney, chief architect of Free Trade Agreement, former CEO of CAE Canada's largest defense contractor, and now lobbyist for Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute who receive funding from US General Dynamics. He'll be the one pushing for us to get under that umbrella.
I sent a very polite what-the-fuck letter to our local theocon candidate, John Weston, but oddly have not yet received a reply.

Scout said...

Anon, there's a difference between what you said and maintaining a voice and awareness. Your thanks can go to Alison and waterbaby for keeping our eyes open so you know what to avoid in a new world.

Me thinks you've mistaken "Embrace the Dark' a bit. It's more about what kind of action you take and how you use your voice rather than avoidance. I get your drift, am familiar with the dark embracement, and realize you're coming from a good place. But everyone has their role to play and this just probably isn't yours.

There's also something that's "more than just a concept", and that's respecting other people's purposes.

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