Saturday, April 12, 2008

"The material has been cleansed too much"

The missing tapes
Five out of the six hours of Canada Border Services Agency security video tape doesn't show Robert Dziekanski at all ; the CBSA says this "may have been due to construction in the area blocking camera angles".
The few minutes in which he does appear are put onto disc by CBSA and then the original tape is "inadvertantly erased".

The internal memos
"The material has been cleansed too much," reads one.
"The documents, obtained by CTV News, show significant co-operation between the airport, RCMP and border services officials in controlling the release of details following the Oct. 14, 2007 death of Robert Dziekanski".
"... the federal agency and the Vancouver airport authority worked closely with the RCMP to ensure the three had their media messaging synchronized after an agitated Mr. Dziekanski died."

The HoC investigating committee
"The House of Commons committee on public safety and national security will hold two days of meetings at Vancouver International Airport on Thursday [with RCMP, border and airport officials], where Robert Dziekanski died after RCMP stunned him with a Taser last October" .
The proceedings will not be open to the public or video-taped, although committee members will take notes.

Note to The Coast of Bohemia : 1) No and 2) All of us


West End Bob said...

Thanks for posting this, Alison.

I'm a bit surprised there is not more outrage in the blogosphere about this obvious cover up . . . .

Anonymous said...

We want to write a few words about the murder of the defenceless man
from our country who was murdered by strangulation, suffoccation and
broken neck at the airport in Vancouver.
He was murdered by murderers, bandits, monsters, beasts, terrorists,
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The same as above-mentioned terrorized, tortured, tormented
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immigrants and this is happening at present day.

Think! These murderers burned holes in his body and burned his eye.
This murder was on the base of hate, discrimination and racism.
This murder was premeditated, etc...


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