Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSIS interrogates Omar Khadr

For four days, CSIS interrogators questioned the 16-year-old Omar Khadr :
"The interrogator repeatedly pressured Khadr to reveal the location of his mother and siblings, attempting to convince him that Canada is trying to protect the Khadr family, and repatriate them to Canada for "rehabilitation."
Otherwise, the agent suggested, his family could face torture, especially his brother Abdullah.
"I don't want the Pakistanis to get him, because I know how they can treat people," the interrogator says. "I sure don't want the Pakistanis to get him and sell him to the Egyptians, because I know what they'll do to him, and so do you."
If the Pakistanis capture his mother, the interrogator warned Khadr, they would sell her to the highest bidder.
Khadr, for his part, insisted he didn't know how to find his family. He told his interrogators that his parents left Afghanistan for Pakistan, leaving him behind."

"Let the banners unfurl and the trumpets sound, we are a people that stand by the torture of children."
~ Pretty Shaved Ape


Alison said...

A Fox news clip in which Lt. C. Peters first advocates killing prisoners on the battlefield and then complains that Khadr is "gaming the system"?

You sure you want to go with that?

I'm somewhat puzzled by your site - the diatribes against "islamofascists", the neo-nazi talking points, the Michelle Malkin posts.
You might want to consider a name change.

Anonymous said...

We're sorry, but we can't explain to every dumbshit the difference between Muslims and Islamofascists.

Q said...

Name change...
Assholes against sharia?

Anonymous said...

Nd, dhimmi dumbshits bitching about Muslims Against Sharia.

Anonymous said...

I see. Yours is a scholarly blog then.


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