Monday, March 25, 2013

Economic Action Panda Rental

Pandas are the new Con mascot.

Apparently pandas are short-sighted, ill- tempered, and not well-adapted to the world, but have nonetheless achieved a 40% increase in population over the last 20 years.




West End Bob said...

Perfect, indeed.

snicker . . . .

LeDaro said...

"Apparently pandas are short-sighted, ill- tempered, not well-adapted to the world.."

That pretty well describes Harper.

Beijing York said...

Aside from the political opportunism and misplaced priorities, why doesn't Harper ever bring his own kids to these events? Wouldn't they have liked to talk to an astronaut or see some panda bears?

Dana said...

Harper's kids have to stay home and supervise the kitten broiler or it'll catch fire.

Besides - they're not props for his political career - they're kitten wranglers and that's where it stops.

Holly Stick said...

Stephen Lautens has a good one too:

Alison said...

Darn that clever and debonair Mr Lautens with his light incisive touch.

For something a little - ok, a lot - more heavy-handed : Canada's Economic Action Planda.

"Planda" is from Canadian Cynic - brilliant!

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