Thursday, June 30, 2016

2nd Electoral Reform Committee meeting

was held in camera yesterday. 

The entire three hour meeting from 10am til 1pm - with presentations from five in-house analysts and tech experts and questions from MPs - was held in camera.

What happened to last week's decision to televise them? 

Meanwhile ...

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative Party president Richard Ciano and Nick Kouvalis of Campaign Research - pollsters and managers of the Rob Ford and John Tory campaigns, harriers of Liberals

have teamed up with Liberal Toronto Councillor Justin Di Ciano to found a "grass roots advocacy group" Keep Voting Simple . 
Their aim is to fight electoral reform and advocate for a national referendum. 
Funny how those two ideas keep cropping up together.

Canadians wishing to appear before the ERRE committee or submit a brief have until Oct 07 to do so. 
Questions to be submitted a la Cullen's motion for public participation in questioning witnesses can be left at #ERRE#Q. 
A notice with the deets will be put up on the committee site.

Minutes from yesterday's meeting

My notes on first ERRE meeting
Update : 



Boris said...

Well, re Campaign Research, in the UK we've seen what happens with simple votes on simple questions in national referenda.

Alison said...

CPC MP Scott Reid is pushing hard on committee for airing of referendum possibility. He stated intention of putting questions to Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand in meeting this Thursday as to how this can be achieved and under what timeline.

Alison said...

He was oddly adamant that Mayrand & Kingsley not appear together

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