Friday, July 01, 2016

Get Your Spy On : Bill C-22

International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group : OUR ANALYSIS OF C-22: AN INADEQUATE AND WORRISOME BILL
"The Liberal government has recently tabled Bill C-22, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Act, in order to create the long-awaited committee to look over Canada’s national security activities."

Andrew Mitrovica : National security oversight woefully inadequate
"Ralph Goodale's heralded National Security and Intelligence Committee is not robust, independent and meaningful but merely enshrines the lousy status quo into law."
Craig Forcese makes many of the same points - Knee Jerk First Reaction - on the bill designed to deliver parliamentary oversight to CSIS, CSEC, RCMP among 20 other national security agencies, but nonetheless gives Bill C-22 a "high pass".

The committee will consist of seven MPs and two senators, all appointed on the recommendation of the PM. I'm guessing the more stringent security clearance they will need to undergo has something to do with Harper having appointed Arthur Porter to SIRC, the watchdog committee overseeing CSIS.

And yes, CSE really is following 34 people on twitter. I imagine they're also on The Book of Faces. ;-)


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The Book of Faces

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