Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kinder Morgan pipeline spill in Burnaby 2007

A 10-meter geyser of crude oil spewed from a broken Kinder Morgan pipeline in a Burnaby neighbourhood in July 2007. Eight homes were flooded and 92 were put on evacuation notice.

Part of the TransMountain Pipeline system, the broken pipeline was carrying crude oil from a pipeline terminal at the foot of Burnaby Mountain to a tanker-loading facility on Burrard Inlet. After four years in court, Kinder Morgan pled guilty.

Justin Trudeau's new Kinder Morgan pipeline will ship 900,000 barrels of dilbit a day from Alberta through the same neighbourhood to the supertankers waiting in Burrard Inlet.

We are currently waiting to see what piece of First Nations apparel Christy Clark will wear to her presser...

Thursday update : So what is that stuff spewing into the air? Not crude oil after all.
This industry report : A STUDY OF FATE AND BEHAVIOR OF DILUTED BITUMEN OILS ON MARINE WATERS  identifies it as Albion Heavy dilsynbit containing toluene, pentane, butane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide ....


West End Bob said...


I was just about to sit down and "e" you a request for an Alison post on this very sad news when your creation came across my RSS reader. How timely, indeed!

Your Comment, re: Chipmunk Cheeks' attire gave me a bonafide guffaw on an otherwise depressing topic.

Thanx, M'Lady . . . .

Boris said...

While compromise in politics and a clever balance interests is normally a bonusl, the climate has no compromise position.

"We conclude that, given currently available records, the present anthropogenic carbon release rate is unprecedented during the past 66 million years. We suggest that such a ‘no-analogue’ state represents a fundamental challenge in constraining future climate projections. Also, future ecosystem disruptions are likely to exceed the relatively limited extinctions observed at the PETM" The last time this occurred involved a mass extinction.

"Furthermore, we find that within the 21st century, global mean temperatures will very likely exceed maximum levels reconstructed for the last 784,000 years." This means potentially over 7 C warming by 2100.

Anonymous said...

Only Nixon could go to China; only Trudeau could approve 2 pipelines in one day.

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