Monday, March 28, 2011

Another improved EAP! election sign

... this time on a fence. Just a small portion of the $53.2M total in public money Steve is using to advertise his Canada Economic Action Plan to you.

Now far be it from me to suggest peeps go out there and deface public property like this. That would be wrong. Especially if you were to use 1/8" ply, a portable drill, and grind down the heads on the screws. But these are your signs - you paid for them - and charming as they are, they do appear to be a tad thin on content.

H/t to EH! Enough Harper for use of their Conservative Priorities graph. A better look at it all in one piece here. Ceasefire's No Stealth Fighters petition here.

P.S. The government's EAP! website seems to be 404'd at the moment. What rotten luck. Score one for Rick Mercer.



Danneau said...

I just checked here after a month not looking in. Good to see you're back at it. The content is as good as ever: I just wish more people were looking at this than at the clowns on Global, CBC, CTV, A-Channel or whatever else clutters up the airwaves.

Kev said...

Traveling throughout rural Ontario this past summer I saw so many of those damn things that I swear they could be seen from space.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. All those media headlines a couple of weeks ago pegged the EAP ads cost at $26million for the TV ads and you had to read down 20 paragraphs or so to find the $53 million total figure in EAP ads.
I wonder if all that money going to the media affected their bias any, huh?


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