Monday, November 14, 2011

Alykhan Velshi comes home to roost

Ever since Patrick Muttart left the PMO war room under a cloud back in April for sending a photo of an Iggy look-alike posing in full combat gear in Kuwait to SunNews during a Canadian election while working for a US PR firm, Steve has been struggling along without a proper planning director.

Beginning next month, fresh from his fabulously successful stint promoting the Keystone XL tarsands pipeline as the "no-brainer" ethical oil alternative to 'conflict oil', Ethical Oilster Alykhan Velshi will be in charge of planning new things for Steve. From an intern at the American Enterprise Institute to Steve's ear. Oy!

Will Mr. Velshi be continuing his crusade to save the US from importing oil from what he describes as the "blood-soaked, conflict oil-fueled foreign dictatorship"  of Saudi Arabia.?  

According to the StatsCan Energy Statistics Handbook, Second Quarter, 2011, page 53 and 54Canada imported 45,125.7 thousands of cubic meters of crude petroleum last year at a cost of $23,855- million, and 3,986.5 thousand cubic meters of it was from the " blood-soaked, conflict oil-fueled foreign dictatorship" of  Saudi Arabia, our fifth highest oil import country of origin after Algeria, the UK, Nigeria, and Norway.

More likely Mr Velshi's new job will involve selling us on the idea of shipping ethical oil across BC to China.  
Good luck with that.


West End Bob said...

Thanks for all the links, Alison - Great work!

The Rafe article in The Tyee alone is frightening enough to encourage nightmares . . . .

thwap said...

This Velshi fella sounds like he's figured out that being an amoral scum-bag can have a big pay-off.

A lot of other people have figured that out too.

But we get hung-up on the "amoral scum-bag" part.

Anonymous said...

Talk about an oxymoron, "Ethical Oil". Maybe people like this should be called moronoxies?

Anonymous said...

I read. Harper had founded the Northern Foundation Party. He is a Reformer. The skinheads helped Harper to organize the party. This was in 1989.

He certainly is a dictator though. He expects our young military people to fight his wars, we have no business being in. However, he is refusing to look after our veterans, that are maimed in his wars. Harper is the worst P.M. we have ever had in Canada. Even our old WW11 vets say, Harper is a fascist dictator. Harper is spending billions on building Stalags. The crime rate is way down, so these Stalags, must be for the Canadian citizens, who are going to turn on him. The same as Hitler did. Dictators are famous for their paranoia. so, Stalags will be built.

The Enbridge pipeline and the dirty Chinese tankers, coming to the Port of Kitimat, is going to be one very bad blow-up.

There will be thousands of BC citizens, supporting the First Nations on preserving their, rivers, streams, fish and hunting grounds. They also depend on the sea to help feed their people.

The chemicals put in the oil, to make it flow freely, are deadly lethal. The chemicals are so caustic, it corrodes the pipes to a fragile state and the pipes burst. We all hate Enbridge, they have the worst record for pipe bursts. They are also known for, not cleaning up their spills. Canada has a vast wilderness, it can take days to locate the spill.

Harper is a greedy money grubbing war monger. The BC citizens will fight, the dirty oil scam. There will be no jobs for the BC people either. That's more b.s. they are trying to peddle us.

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