Thursday, January 19, 2012

Harper's Angels

In 1973 the federal LeDain Commission called for the end of marijuana prohibition, and since then public opinion polls show a majority of Canadians of all ages and political stripes from right across the country agree.

How we doin' with that?

In 2010, nearly four decades later, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police handed Canadian pot activist Marc Emery over to the entirely discredited US War on Drugs machine to serve a five year prison sentence in Mississippi for selling seeds through the mail in Canada.

According to StatsCan, over 75,000 Canadians were busted for pot last year (56,870 for simple possession plus another 18,256 for trafficking or distribution), a 14% increase over 2009.

Steve's new Safe Streets and Communities Act- Bill C10, aka the Minimum Sense on Marijuana Bill, will introduce mandaTory sentences for possession :
  • Six months mandatory jail time for growing six pot plants.
  • Nine months mandatory jail time for passing a joint harvested from just one plant grown in the privacy of your own home if you are a renter.
In BC, where support for ending the doobie prohibition is currently running at 73%, the main beneficiary of the Cons Dumb-on-Crime Agenda is the Hell's Angels with their estimated $6-billion annual organized crime drug industry.
They must be thrilled that Steve is going to chill amateur grower competition for them, driving up prices and profits. They should look into making him an honorary member.


thwap said...

Given the infiltration of organized street criminals into the Canadian elite, I'm sure steve's colleagues have been giving him approving nods from across the floor of the club for a while now.

(I was going to say that they were patting him on the back, but I think even bikers who sexually enslave crack addicts don't want to be seen touching stephen harper.)

liberal supporter said...

I think the biggest beneficiary is CCA, Corrections Corporation of America, who will operate the privately owned and run prisons. They're very good at making sure anyone who gets out of one of their warehouses will soon return. Paid per inmate, they naturally want long sentences and only pay lip service to rehabilitation.

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