Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Combined Defence Plan - So we're a "homeland" now?

Last night DefMin Peter Airshow MacKay announced a pending "Combined Defence Plan" between Canada and the US to "further integrate cross-border military co-operation" :
"This agreement provides a framework for the combined defence of Canada and the U.S. during peace, contingencies, and war," MacKay told the Permanent Joint Board on Defence, comprising senior military officers, government officials and diplomats from both nations. 
"The plan describes the authorities and means by which the two governments would approve homeland military operations in the event of a mutually agreed threat, and how our two militaries would collaborate and share information."
So we're a homeland now? With homeland military operations?
 Canada and the U.S. also will extend the Civil Assistance Plan, which allows for the deployment of troops and equipment from one country to the other in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack
In his speech, MacKay called for increased military involvement implementing the Beyond the Border strategy, saying the Canadian Forces and its American counterparts should be supporting civilian agencies monitoring the cross-border security.
Huh. So the increasing integration of Canadian and US economies under Steve and Barry's Beyond the Border deal requires military backup?
Gosh this is sounding more like Security and Prosperity Partnership leftovers reheated and served up again all the time.

Back in March 2008 when Dick Cheney and then Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day both happened to be in Israel, Doris announced from Tel Aviv a new Canada-Israel Declaration of Intent to cooperate on mutually agreed threats like border security, a Canada-Israel border pact. The deal had been leaked months before, when both Israel's Ministry of Public Security and the Israeli press referred to it as "cooperation on homeland security".

"Homeland security" is still not a phrase we normally associate with a sovereign Canada.

Meanwhile the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence has recommended the "Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces consider re-establishing a military presence on the campuses of educational institutions."
The executive director of the DND-funded Conference of Defence Associations, Alain "we have to write a number of op-eds to the press" Pellerin says he believes the time is right to reinstate the Canadian Officers Training Corps program at universities :
"I think the military is very popular in the public eye," Pellerin said. "I think the universities wouldn't want to be out of step and say we don't want the COTC program."
You know, the one we haven't had since 1968.


Toe said...

It's another form of social control, who gets in, who gets out. Personal privacy gone. Activists/dissidents will be jailed. As a youth it was drilled into me that being a soldier was not noble, that war was just a political instrument to carry out the elite's plans and they have never been worth fighting for. Truer today than post-WW2.

Kev said...

Hi Alison Totally off topic but I know you will be interested to know that the trade justice network just released some new leaked CETA docs this morning I haven't had a chance to read them yet myself but I'm sure they're interesting

Beijing York said...

This is frightening. The amount of damage Harper has done since first stepping to the PM plate is astounding, most of it while only holding a minority.

In less than a year with a majority, his plan for incremental changes to the fabric of Canada has been mothballed for a fast track approach. I think he truly believes no other party will ever beat him.

Kev said...

Yes indeed Beijing the entire party reeks of arrogance They truly believe themselves invincible.However that arrogance has caused several significant missteps lately and will bring about their fall ,at least that's what I keep telling myself

Dr.Dawg said...

More like a Fatherland.

Steve said...

Canada only has about 20,000 boots on the ground total, so if things get serious for Hr Harper, he has a stockpile to pick from.

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