Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour

A look at what we can expect from our new Minister of Labour.

So how many of you made it all the way through to Leitch at the Harper/Hudak/Ford TeaCon Trifecta BBQ?


West End Bob said...

So . . . .

She's moving forward - getting Canadians for Canadian jobs and NOT answering one friggin' question!!!

Par for the proverbial reformaTory course.

dfdttr . . . .

PS: "dfd" closed the bedroom door to shut out the audio of the clip before I made it to the end of the BBQ gag-a-thon. Guess he couldn't stomach any more of it . . . .

Anonymous said...

God that was brutal.
Why does an obviously intelligent woman like Leitch or any of the rest of them for that matter go on national tv to be exposed as mindless sockpuppets?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how she can live with herself with all the BS she constantly spews.

I guess to fit into Stevie Spiteful's propaganda machine,her surname has been misspelled.

Alison said...

Bob : Another perfectly promising romantic evening ruined ;-)

Anons : So I'm guessing you don't know many Straussians or realpolitik guys. You have to look at it from their POV.

To them, a performance like Leitch's isn't a demeaning and ridiculous fraud because they have already determined the arena in which it is being performed - public democratic discourse - is a ridiculous fraud in itself. We are like children who must be told a comforting story about democracy so we will feel included in a process we are clearly neither interested in nor up to participating in.
So they put on their dumbshow, their Kabuki, for the rest of us who they believe have mistaken their show for something real.

In a way, a post like this one criticizing their performance entirely misses the point that it is only that - a performance. We are saying - no, you have to be real here - when they know it's only their show.

I hope this makes sense - I'm a little bombed here. ;-)

thwap said...


That made sense. IOW ... they think they're smarter than everyone else when they talk like morons.

I can't say that I blame them when people like that TV host don't haul them up and tell them to smarten the fuck up.

Perhaps they're only talking at their witless supporters though? Those people really are morons and it doesn't matter what comes out of someone like Leitch's mouth; as long as it's vaguely positive those yahoos will think she's doing fine.

Terrifying. ciffigo!

Boris said...

Yeah, and a hyperachieving type-A personality like Leitch's likely doesn't do messiness, dissenting voices, or fathom on any level that she's wrong. She's been phenomenally successful in a very short span of time in her chosen field, before entering politics. Not a lot of room for personal reflection in there.

Sadly, we live in a society that rewards these overachieving grinning idiots with rank and status because they personify the uncritical narrative of growth, progress, and individual responsibility. Fanatics.

West End Bob said...

Alison: Ahhh, actually the romantic evening was recovered, thank you very much! ;-)

And your comments, re: performance/show made perfect sense . . . .

Alison said...

Thwap : "they think they're smarter than everyone else when they talk like morons"

Yes. They are actively creating the 'moron' playing field they hope to confine discourse to.
I think it's inaccurate to assume all their supporters are morons though, in the same way I think it's a tactical mistake to portray Cons as monsters, because it only fosters the attitude they cannot be effectively engaged.
I'll bet some goodly proportion of their supporters recognize and support the 'moron' strategy as a good vote suppression and public alienation technique that helps reduce public engagement to Steve's 30% base.
We do have a significant public engagement problem - which I remember you skewering with your satirical series of Lindsay Lohan-or-whoever--it-was posts.
Public engagement requires some minimal assumption of trust and shared responsibility - which the Cons are quite effectively dismantling with the apparent ease with which they consistently circumvent the laws of parliament and the land.
Terrifying? Who the hell will want to run for public office out of a spirit of humanity?

Boris : doesn't do messiness, dissenting voices, or fathom on any level that she's wrong
No kidding.
"Problem identified. Problem fixed. Action taken."
I particularly appreciated her backing this up with an allusion to the still non-existent Jobs Grant Program while ignoring the fact over a third of unemployed Canadians don't have access to any benefits anyway - both of which she is surely fully aware.
We used to laugh at these people as onwards and upwards robots. What happened to that?

Bob : Hope you didn't score on your own goal. ;-)

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