Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ford shitshow resumes and what really matters

What a screaming shitshow that was today. 

Inside the Toronto city council meeting, Mayor Rob Ford and his handler/brother Doug Ford were unsuccessfully fighting off an unenforceable council motion to have Rob Ford step down temporarily while demanding everyone else on council submit to mandatory drug screening. 

Grilled about the infamous photo of himself with 3 men - one of whom, Anthony Smith, was soon after shot and killed while Khattak was shot and survived - outside the Windsor Street crackhouse described as an ad hoc 2005 Ford campaign office, Rob Ford said repeatedly today that it was "not a crackhouse" and : 
"I had never met these three men in my life. They came out and asked me to take a picture with them." 
Meanwhile outside the council meeting, more info was unredacted by Ontario Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer.  Drugs, sex workers, drunk driving, Oxycontin, bullying, racism, lewd remarks to women, and trying to punch out staffers will make headlines tomorrow but never mind all that - here's what's really important from the police ITO [bold mine] :
"The mayor did indicate to [former Rob Ford press secretary]CHRISTOPOULOS that he knew Anthony SMITH."
"On May 19, 2013 ... it was decided that no further interviews would take place in relation to the suggestions that Mayor FORD was smoking crack or the possibility that the recording is on the cell phone of Anthony SMITH that was stolen at the time of his murder until Project Traveller was completed. The concern was that any additional interviews would potentially compromise Project Traveller in relation to the arrests, recovery of fireams and narcotics." [page 36]

Thursday update ... 


Ford brothers to host show on Sun News Network

Apparently the shitshow has been picked up by FoxNewsNorth Sun News.

"Following the cancellation of their top-rated radio show, we approached the Fords about hosting a show on our network," said [former Harper spokesy] Kory Teneycke, Sun News Network vice-president. "We are delighted to announce they have agreed."

"Rob is like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh," said Councillor Doug Ford. "You just never know what he is going to say."


Boris said...

Lord. I suppose your could read events as a very public "intervention" and the associated excuse and denial laden response.

You could also read it as the raging of a raging narcissist quite happy hijack government with his personal dramas.

Anonymous said...

"what really matters" Alison?
Clickbait. This freakshow doesn't matter at all.

Holly Stick said...

Ha, I bet Ezra Levant fears he will be replaced now.

Alison said...

Boris : or both.
Ford appeared with his wife on live tv at city hall this morning and gave a statement on the recent police ITO revelations :
"Oh the last thing was [former staffer]Olivia Gondek. It says that I want to eat her pussy. Olivia Gondek. I've never said that in my life to her - I would never do that. I'm happily married - I've got more than enough to eat at home."
He also asked that the media respect his family's privacy.

Anon : I disagree. Had a provincial election been called in spring, Jim Flaherty, Tim Hudak, and Doug Ford would have campaigned together on further austerity cuts. As part of the Harper/Hudak/Ford trifecta - each of which only requires 20-something % of the vote to achieve office, it matters.
And now the Fords have a free campaign spot on Fox News North.

Holly : And now that Sun has its own great white north Stern/Limbaugh shock and aw shucks election campaign show, I guess the increase in viewers/advertisers will be somewhat offset by having to hire more libel lawyers.

Boris said...

Alison, yes, well I suppose he's really saying that somebody has to respect his family's privacy because he sure as hell won't. I cannot imagine what might be like to have to live with that man.

It occurred to me just now that Ford is actually worse than anyone could have imagined. Even The Onion would have trouble beating this.

West End Bob said...

At least if he's a FoxNoiseNorth "celebrity" you can change the channel or - better yet - turn him off.

stevie's gotta be luvin' this distraction. rob has pushed stevie, the Senate scandal and Canadian intelligence surveillance right off the Corporate Media's news cycle.

Mission accomplished, rob . . . .

Anonymous said...

It's Not A Crack House, It's A Crack Home

kootcoot said...

I'm certain you know that Ford Nation was already cancelled after one show (that apparently drew Stupid TeeVee's biggest audience yet at a measly 100,000). I think the bleeper button operator had to have emergency carpal tunnel surgery or somethin1g

Alison said...

Hi Koots. Yes, I did know. Belatedly cobbled together a post and toon about it. Actually I'll bet the 4 hours plus of outtakes were exactly like the 40 minutes we did see.

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