Monday, February 03, 2014

Edward Snowden interview

Wed. Feb 5 Update : Video removed at source from Vimeo last night, leaving the above note in its place on Creekside. Alternate copy of Snowden interview can be seen here.

Great interview recorded a week ago, including a few choice words applicable to recent revelations about CSEC scooping up Canadians' IP IDs and tracking them across airports, hotels, conference centres, coffee shops, and libraries, and DefMin Rob Nicholson's response.
"What we saw initially in response to the revelations was sort of a circling of the wagons of government ...  Instead of circling around the public and protecting their rights, the political class circled around the security state and protected their rights."
"The Five Eyes alliance is sort of an artefact of the post-WW2 era where the anglophone countries of the major powers banded together to co-operate and share the costs of intelligence gathering infrastructure. So we have the UK's GCHQ, we have the US NSA, we have Canada's CSEC, we have Australia's Signals Intelligence Directorate and we have New Zealand's DSD. What the result of this was over decades and decades was a supranational intelligence organization that doesn't answer to the laws of its own countries." 
"The key is to remember that the surveillance and the abuse doesn't occur when people look at the data, it occurs when people gather the data in the first place."
There have been complaints of this interview disappearing off Vimeo and being entirely erased from Youtube, the latter possibly for copyright reasons. Should this one go down however, here's an alternate copy.


Anonymous said...

America is Always Watching

West End Bob said...

Thanx for gettin' this out there, M'Lady . . . .

Boris said...

I basically described the amalgamation of the Five-eyes as a full-on coporate merger at TGB a few weeks ago. It's weird, incestuous, and terrifying. The shift from using spies to look at military and security concerns to private sector economic advantage and domestic political opposition puts in a very unfriendly space. Without intentional and meaningful reform at the political level, this will end in tears.

Anonymous said...

Your video of Snowden has been pulled and I'm having trouble accessing Creekside.

Alison said...

Anon : Thanks. Posted link to another source to top of post.
Alternate link at end of post - WHICH IS DOWNLOADABLE btw - still working.

West End Bob said...

Anon @ 7:45 am:

I'm having trouble accessing Creekside

"Thank you, NSA/CSEC . . . ."

Alison said...

Anon, Bob : More likely Bell, Rogers, Shaw than NSA, CSEC ;-)

Boris : I just remembered you actually ran this spy corporate merger idea by Bob and I sometime back in August or September.
Predictably, Cons voted down motion to consider parliamentary oversight on Tuesday.

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