Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who knew our side has drones?

The Eco-drone Project

Alexander Knight at Poor Man's Media in Toronto builds and operates drones on his own dime to film and monitor pipeline spills.

This baby is operational but for a few extra components. He's looking for public donations to complete it and this is where you come in.


Besides, wouldn't you like to see Canadian Cynic back online again?



Anonymous said...


West End Bob said...

Done via your e earlier today!

Thanx for spreading the word, M'Lady . . . .

Boris said...

We've always had drones. Ever since someone first put a camera on their R/C aeroplane or model rocket.

What's interesting to consider is the monitoring feature of these things. The RCMPCSISCSECNSACIAGCHQETAL frame it terms of ecoterrorism as if activists want to blow up pipelines and spill oil. It's a very differnet story to actually mobilise to patrol places to prevent or report spills. Of course, if your company wants to be the first to discover hte leak and therefore control access and reporting...

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