Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reversing the script on Harper

This is brilliant. Witty simple campaign ad from the guy running against Harper in Calgary-Heritage, formerly Calgary Southwest. 
Go on, play it.

Matt Masters Burgener was also the candidate behind Send Harper A Messageraising money for his campaign by getting people to sponsor space on his lawn signs for $50 with their own personal messages to Harper.

 Flipping the script with wit. Nicely done, Matt.     h/t Dave Cournoyer


zoombats said...


greg said...

I remember the post you did on Daniel Gagnier a while back and the whole CAPP thing. I emailed my MP at the time. He told me to stop sending them e-mails. Anyway, you were so far ahead of it.

SCotty on denman said...

Hey! Zoombats beat me to it!

Reynold Reimer said...

Just what we need in this party....more humour, creativity and risk taking wit. The cons are funny, why don't we exploit their ridiculousness more???

Alison said...

Thank you, Greg. Surprisingly gratified you should remember.

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