Sunday, January 27, 2008

"I misspoke," said Sandra Buckler,

by way of explaining how it was she came to tell the Globe&Mail that the Canadian military had failed to inform the Canadian government that it had halted the transfer of Afghan detainees two months ago.

Amusingly, Defence Minister Peter MacKay refused to clarify her remarks : "I'm not going to do anything that's going to endanger the lives of the Canadian Forces personnel or Afghans involved in this operation," he said.
"Or endanger my increasingly dimming chances of ever succeeding Harper," he did not add.

Perhaps she actually said, "I miss Gunsmoke" or possibly even "I'm Miss Poison Oak" instead.
At times like this I find it's best to stick with the professionals...
From Word Pirates :
Misspoke - "Used by politicians to imply they expressed themselves "imperfectly or incorrectly" (Websters) when in reality, they were lying through their teeth"

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