Friday, June 06, 2008

Chopping off heads - easy. Opening a can of tuna - hard

The continuing travails of the Toronto-whatever-it-is-now-after-you-subtract-the-undercover-paid-informant/instigators...

CBC attempts to introduce a little gravitas with their lede:
Accused in alleged Toronto bomb plot tapped to behead PM, court hears
"A youth charged in connection with an alleged 2006 plot to blow up buildings in Ontario was the group's preferred candidate to behead the prime minister because of his wood chopping skills, Crown prosecutors alleged Wednesday."
but it still comes down to what is on the wiretap :
"I know he’d cut off their heads," says the man, to which the other man agrees and says, "Did you see him? How he was cutting the wood?"
The men are heard laughing, then they struggle to open a can of tuna to spread on a bagel because no one can find a can opener.

We're getting closer and closer to the prosecution introducing the wiretap segment in which the terrorists are unable to agree upon who is the prime minister or where parliament is.
Looking forward to the CBC headline on that one; possibly something like : Plot to behead PM foiled by skipping civics class.

I do hope the Dept of Homeland Security is paying due attention here - we've gone to a lot of trouble to get this together for them.

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Q said...

I'm sure the RCMP would have driven the lads to Ottawa if transportation was an issue.

We didn't out do the Miami 7 though, they were offered official Al Q. boots and uniforms if they'd play entrapment with the FBI.

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