Friday, May 08, 2009

BC Election 2009 : Farmed and dangerous

A map of factory fish farms operating in BC in 2008 in the upper part of the Inside Passage, compiled from data at the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands by Living Oceans. I hope they will forgive my scribbling on their original map.
Surprising how far up the rivers used by migrating wild salmon they go, isn't it? And 90% of the farmed fish goes straight to US markets.

Local marine biologist Alex Morton, who has been studying this for 20 years, asks : Why are we allowing Norwegian companies to treat Canada's coast like a litter box?
In February she won a court decision to have control of granting fish farm licences wrested from Gordo and the provincial government and sent back to the Feds so they fall under the Fisheries Act.
All it would take is setting a concrete timeline for the industry's move to closed containment of the farmed salmon so their sea lice don't continue to kill the wild salmon migrating past them.
Has Gordon Campbell, "the environmental premier", signalled any willingness to do this? No. Instead he has filed an appearance with the court, allowing him the option of contesting the court decision - after the election.
On May 12, vote to save our salmon.


Oemissions said...

Alexandra! Heroine! Voting NDP!

Alison said...

O : I wish she'd run for office.

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