Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Toke

What an absolutely spliffy design :
"Suzanne Reeves, the Vancouver organizing committee's director of communications for the Olympic torch relay, said she has taken the torch across the country and people's faces light up when they get the chance to hold it.
The torch officially is meant to resemble the lines left behind by skiers and skaters on snow and ice."

...lines left behind by skiers and skaters...?
The design is a joint collaboration between VANOC and Bombadier. I wonder how many other budding designs were weeded out before they potted this one.


Boris said...


Q said...

Should we reefer your concerns to the organizing committee?

West End Bob said...

Q's comment appears to be quite humorous, but I'm not quite sure how to toke it . . . .

Alison said...

I guess we'll now have to add the words "pot", "weed", and "joint" to that long list of words trademarked by VANOC.

Cliff said...

"people's faces light up when they get the chance to hold it."...and then develop a silly smile, get bleary and a little bloodshot.

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