Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BC Election 2009 : Four more years

Preliminary Results from Elections BC :

LINO Party : 49 seats - with 46% of popular vote
NDP : 36 seats - with 42% of the popular vote
Greens down to 8% of popular vote
Voter turnout under 50% - a record low for BC
BC-STV goes down with only 38% support, compared to just under 58% in 2005.
Fuck. Who wants pie?



Anonymous said...

NDP gets higher percentage of vote than last time -still loses election.
Fake Greens campaign vigorously against NDP -then vote Liberal.
Well that's the end of them.


Deanna said...

I echo Allison.


I stopped watching CBC last night immediately after they showed the initial STV results. I just couldn't bear it.

Anonymous said...

When you look at how most Canadians vote based on rhetoric and branding against their own best interests it is a fair conclusion that idiocy and apathy are neck and neck in the race for Canadian oblivion.

I am sorry B.C.
For the suckers who voted for brand names and empty slogans and the a-holes who sat on their thumbs instead of getting informed and out to vote have cursed you to more right wing fire sales.

I am convinced now more than ever that the "Green Party" is a fifth column right wing entity designed to further fraction the left and vacuum up the votes of well-meaning progressive wanna-be types who also vote by "brand" with little or no information about party policy or how the electoral balances will play out.

If the Greens were sincere they would propose a union with the NDP and unite the "left".


Anonymous said...

So with less than 50% of less than 50% of the turn out how can Campbell possibly claim any sort of mandate?

Or even an measure of real legitimacy?

Anonymous said...

A big shout out to Suzuki, Berman, Jaccard, deSmogBlog and Andy Weaver for their success in re-electing the most environmentally destructive government in Canada outside of Alberta. Good job, shills.
STV was also a shuck, headed up by ex-Reform-Alliance Party candidates like YesVote vp Bruce Hallsor, who was also Gary Lunn's old campaign manager.
In their desperation to win a seat, the Greens chose to overlook the fact that it was designed to fail.


RossK said...


You've got to realize this is the neandercon's last stand...they don't give a hoot-in-heckfire about 'legitimacy' or real 'mandates'.

All they want is power to institute their retro-gilded-age policies to give the hammer back to the railroad barons and the resource extractors.


Anonymous said...

What is forty six percent of forty nine percent. I'm trying to gauge what percentage of people in BC ACTUALLY voted Liberal.

Alison said...

Anon, Stageleft : Pie chart added.

Anonymous said...

I saw Gordo on Don Newman's show the day after. Boy, did he look like the cat that got the cream. What a smug a-hole, going on about how he has a mandate. Really? You have a mandate when only 50% of eligible voters bothered and 78% didn't vote for you? On what reality plane does this idiot live on?

Oemissions said...

Attemps to unite the Greens/NDP has gone on for years. Remember the Broad Coalition?
I feel badly for people like Rafe Mair,Damien Gillis, Alexandra Morton and all the peoplw who worked so long and so hard to wakeup BCers.
I guess we will have to sharpen our felt pens, resize our protest signs and get prepared for some serious manifestations again. And again.
Once more in unison.

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