Sunday, April 11, 2010

Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

With the help of Wikileaks, Iceland is aiming to become an international safe haven for investigative journalism and whistleblowers, in the same way that other small countries provide offshore financial havens for corporations. Interesting idea. In passing the world's strongest combination of protection of sources, freedom of expression and information, and libel-tourism prevention laws, Iceland would become an offshore online publishing centre for free speech - "a Switzerland of Bits" as Wikileaks cofounder Daniel Schmitt once described it.

Last week Wikileaks published videos shot from the cockpits of two US Apache helicopter gunships, showing the brutal attack on a dozen people, including two Reuters employees, walking down the street in Baghdad. Reuters was itself unable to obtain those videos. Think about that for a moment.


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West End Bob said...

Thank goodness someone/someplace out in the Universe cares about truth in journalism. 'Ya sure can't count on the MSM any longer.

WikiLeaks and Iceland's move should be supported by all people who care about transparency in government . . . .

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