Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where in the world is Frank Iacobucci?

Kady has been trying to get some answers on how Justice Frank Iacobucci's inquiry into the Afghan detainee documents is coming along, given that Speaker of the House Peter Milliken ruled on Tuesday that Frank's mandate is outside of parliamentary oversight and he reports only to the Minister of Justice.
Well, at least we know where he is.


Anonymous said...

Iggy is floating the idea of accepting Iacobucci's mandate as long as he reports to parliament and not just to Harper.

Fer chrissakes, Iggy, Harper would still be his client!


Alison said...

Well I guess Iggy's idea is to enlarge his mandate past Harper being the client, but as Duceppe pointed out, Iacobucci is tainted because he "already consented to being part of a process the Harper government previously argued was superior to letting MPs scrutinize uncensored documents."
Good point.

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