Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jim Abbott - Not clear on the concept ...

Today's Wanker Award once again goes to Con MP Jim Abbott at today's Rights and Democracy committee hearings.

Abbott twice states he finds it "quite breathtaking" that former Liberal MP and previous R&D president Warren Allmand would "be attacking" R&D board member David Matas because, as Abbott is at pains to point out, Matas describes himself as ...wait for it ... "a prairie Liberal".
"Are you trying to say he is a lapdog of the PM?" asks Abbott.

Allmand responded that "Matas once being a Liberal candidate has nothing to do with it" and it's Matas' "extreme bias towards the State of Israel along with the other members of the board that is causing the problem". Further, when he was head of R&D there were Con and NDP members on the board and they always respected the non-partisan mandate of protecting human rights.

Abbott chooses this moment to accuse Allmand and co-witness Ed Broadbent of "bringing partisan politics into this issue when this is supposed to be a non-partisan organisation".



chris said...

You're too kind.

thwap said...

It's amazing how all their attempts to be clever rely on a bullying abuse of power.

It's a testimony to how debased we've become that these clowns are the fucking government.

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