Thursday, July 22, 2010

Julian Assange on TED

h/t WestEnd Bob, who knows that goodness is sexy.

Long and short versions of Wikileaks "Collateral Murder". Assange has said he was more appalled at the shelling of the surrounding buildings than at the more widely shown event.

From the blog of Ethan McCord, the US ranger who pulled the two surviving children out of the van that was shelled for stopping to help the "Collateral Murder"survivors. h/t Wikileaks .



Anonymous said...

Yes it is. As is a passion for justice.
Man, he is cool, isn't he?

West End Bob said...

Ahh, but if there were more people of courage and honour in the journalistic field.

Thanks, Dear Lady . . . .

Anonymous said...

That is just so damn hopeful. I am clapping my fool head off.


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