Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poll found in Kandahar Airfield toilet

Francis Silvaggio : Notes from Afghanistan, July 2, 2010
"While I doubt Ipsos would approve of the collection process, the data was interesting. Out of 26 respondents, only 7 thought progress was being made. 18 people marked “No” and 1 person ticked “HELL NO!!!” That means 73 per cent of those polled think the mission is failing.

Anywhere else, this may mean very little. But this poll was done in a military bathroom, in the middle of a war zone, by soldiers."



Anonymous said...

Tragic, really.

Kev said...

I weep every time one of them dies. What a waste!
Also let's not forget about all the wounded while we are at it. Many of them have been horribly maimed and forgotten and abandoned by just about everyone, especially by the military, and the government

Unknown said...

I've actually physically seen that " poll " and all humor aside, its not the only place here you will see, or hear about the lack of faith in whats trying to be accomplished.
talk to a few soldiers, and only one out of three will say they think
any of us are truly making any difference. that being said, i dont
quite know what was expected..
this part of the world has been torn
by war for ages, no invading force is going to just step in and all of the sudden change that. i personally believe that regardless of what is done here, after we leave the war will continue,
perhaps in a different way,
but continue all the same.

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