Monday, July 12, 2010

Thugs, hooligans, and anarchists. Oh my!

A special meeting of the Public Safety and National Security Committee was held today, "Requested by Four (4) Members of the Committee to Undertake a Study of the Issues Surrounding Security at the G8 and G20 Summits".

Will there be a parliamentary study on G20 security issues?
Well, first they have to agree to a motion to have such a study and they have only two hours to get over this seemingly insurmountable procedural hurdle. Let's look in ....

Dave MacKenzie, Con : Motion to commend the efforts of the police to protect Canadians. Violent mob, thugs, hooligans ... violent mob of thugs and hooligans ... violent mob of thugs, hooligans, and anarchists who set fire to police cars ... mob of thugs, hooligans and anarchists ... cowards packed with weapons ... mob of ...

NDP Paul Dewar : Is this a new motion? What about the motion to have a study?

Con Chair Garry Breitkreuz : No, this is just a discussion. Go ahead, Mr. MacKenzie

Con Dave MacKenzie : Mob of thugs, hooligans, and anarchists ... let's wait for the ISU to do their study first.

Con Dean del Mastro : Summit a great success ... thugs, hooligans and anarchists ... anarchist groups ... call for a study is just a cheap political stunt ... Unlike the NDP-led coalition we stand for our police ... There have been no allegations of PMO interference ... NDP's coalition is lining itself up with anarchist groups ... We should trust the ISU and Toronto Police to do its final review - they have the expertise .... We should condemn the actions of anarchists, not give them a public forum to defend their criminal deeds and I believe the motion Mr. MacKenzie has discussed does do this - condemn the actions of these hooligans. This is the view of the overwhelming majority of Canadians - 75%. Stand with our police, stand with the appropriate bodies, and condemn the thugs and hooligans.

Con Paul Calandra : How disappointing to be here to promote the agenda of the thugs and hooligans ... hooligans and thugs ... [omigawd, now he's reading from the gov's promotional G20 pamphlet] ... growth prospects, make our financial systems stronger, going forward more work remains, transparency, we stand united with the people of Haiti, resist protectionism, blah, blah, blah, and finally... thugs, hooligans, and hooligans ...

Thugs, hooligans, and hooligans?
Oh dear, an unfortunate and probably unauthorized variation. No drink for you.

Anyway, I'll save you the suspense. After two hours of this "discussion", and despite attempts by NDP Paul Dewar, Libs Andrew Kania and Mark Holland, and Bloc Maria Mourani to get around to the actual reason for convening this meeting - the motion to study G20 security issues - the committee adjourned without voting to have it.


Kev said...

Bob Dechert, a Conservative MP, said he is concerned anarchists or other demonstrators could use Commons hearings to build sympathy. “They want to have the media attention to talk about how they were handled by the police and perhaps try to get out the message they didn’t get out during the protest because of the silly things – and actual very criminal things – they did to try to disrupt those summits.”
So there you have it we can't have an inquiry because Canadians who do not agree with the cons just might gain sympathy from other Canadians. More proof that in Harperland thinking for yourself is a crime.

Kev said...

Oops I should have contributed the quote to Steven Chase's Globe article

deBeauxOs said...

Shorter Bob Dechert: Only Cons should use media to build sympathy especially when Cons do silly things - and actually very criminal things.

kev said...

And the Harperites sang Boo-hoo la-dee-dah.

thwap said...

They will get their comeuppance. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Kev: Hard to differentiate between the Cons and SunMedia QMI, isn't it?


Kev said...

Hard to differentiate between the Cons and SunMedia QMI, isn't it?
Lets play a little game. Which of the following statements do you more closely associate with Sunmedia and which do you more closely associate with the CPC

1)Harper is god
2)Question god (see above) and you want to destroy Canada
3)Corporations are our friends
4)Question the af/pac war and you are a leftwing pinko commie who hates freedom and Canada
5)Lock em up,throw away the key and while we are at it rough em up a little ( well ok rough em up a lot) that will teach em not to give us our cut, besides they hate Canada
6) The world is a dangerous place, so you should be afraid, very afraid indeed. If you aren't then you hate Canada
7)If you don't vote conservative then you are dangerous, hate Canada and want to destroy it.

Alison said...

A week ago Ontario Con Tim Hudak used "hooligans" five times and "thugs" three times in his Sun op-ed.

Pushed to the Left reminds us of the Hudak/Mike Harris/Harper connection.

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