Thursday, December 02, 2010

Poll dancing at the CBC

CBC Question of the Day :
Should the WikiLeaks document release be treated as a threat to national security or legitimate journalism?
O Threat to national security
O Legitimate journalism
O Unsure

Happily, JimBobby Sez appears in the comments below the CBC poll to sort them out:
"Wikileaks is a source. It is neither a threat nor journalism. The media classifies WL as journalism and then goes on to complain that it's poor journalism. Journalists use sources like Wikileaks to craft articles and analysis. WL simply provides raw material. It's up to journalists to turn it into journalism."

Thank you, JimBobby.
And as noted by Toe in comments under Pogge's excellent On looking a gift horse in the mouth :
"If the Media in this country and elsewhere did their bloody jobs, we wouldn't need a WL's!"

The polling host used by CBC suggests : Start your own poll!
Ok then.

Creekside Question of the Day
Should CBC's Power and Politics be thought of as infotainment or as a musical?
O Infotainment
O Musical
O Unsure

Take your time. Don't rush it. Personally I think CBC is unsure.


deBeauxOs said...

They are trying a US formula which may work on CNN but is burning any credibility CBC once had.

berlynn said...

Power and Politics is Infotainment, without a doubt!

Politics and Poetry is information from a sometimes-blogger blogger.

Dana said...

The CBC is a few months from non-existence.

Within the first 6 months of a Harper majority the mother corp will cease to be. Perhaps the name will survive - like "Real Canadian Superstore" but the public broadcaster will be gone.

The money formerly spent on the CBC can then go to military spending to support our support of the US war against _____________(fill in the blank)

Then you'll have lots to harp about.

That will be even more fun, won't it?

RossK said...


Are you suggesting that infotainment and musical, particularly as the terms pertain to 'Power and Politics', are mutually exclusive?


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