Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From Patrick Corrigan for the Toronto Star. h/t Antonia

From Your Heart's on the Left


900ft Jesus said...

wow. Even for those who don't agree with his politics, he's an inspiration, a message of hope that really reached people. I hope it doesn't fade.

Beijing York said...

That cartoon from Patrick Corrigan just made me well up with tears again. It captures exactly what 900ft described above. And I agree, I hope that this spirit of optimism doesn't disappear.

Holly Stick said...

A link to this photostream was tweeted somewhere earlier:


Holly Stick said...

Now I remember, it was Tabatha southey, who has been tweeting other photos of the chalk writing:


Alison said...

Thanks, Holly. Was just picking out my favourites.
New one from Jackman Chiu posted above.

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