Sunday, August 14, 2011

Steve & Dimitri do some ethical oiling of a government website

And that's just what they did.

On August 10th I noticed some Privy Council Office googling for "suncor third largest investor in Syria" that landed on the June 1st Creekside post Ethical oil in Syria explained.

Hmmm, I thought, better check to make sure that Canada government website I linked to is still good. Yup, still there :

"Canada is now the 3rd largest foreign direct investor in Syria due to a $1.2 billion Suncor/ Petro Canada gas project."
The next day that offending sentence was gone from their site.

Here's their new page dated Aug 11, 2011. It mentions "an embargo on certain trade sectors" in Syria but of course this does not apply to the Canadian oil and gas sector. Google cache of the old page here.
Tuesday Update : Ethical Oil Campaign Uses Stolen, Faked Photos


Anonymous said...

Suncor and the Harper government are not the same thing.

Alison said...

Pull the other one, Calgary Anon.

Jerry Prager said...

It's true his daddy was an imperial oil man, but Harper is chief Canadian flunky of

Beijing York said...

Good catch and great cartoon, Alison. Keep them coming.

word verification = macru

(Me thinks that's code for crude oil-based macro economics.)

Bina said...

And meanwhile, Ezra LePutz thinks Venezuela is evil. For having a democratically elected president.

It is to weep.

Bina said...

PS: My verification word was "ousts". How funny is that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Canadians wanting to switch their phone carrier to SyriaTel will unfortunately just have to abide by our trade embargo ...


wv=arste, as in: Canada couldn't be arste to embargo a country shelling its own people.

Anonymous said...

From - "Following the outbreak of protests demanding political change in March 2011, Canada has stated that the people of Syria have the right to determine their own future and must be allowed to do so."

From (?!) - "[Nothing has happened in Bahrain since 2010. Ignore the violent crackdown against the peaceful protests for political change there. Especially the foreign troops used to prop up the regime.]"

thwap said...

Exciting careers in the federal public service!

Anonymous said...

Alison, your link to the googlecache of the old page now redirects to the new one.
Wayback machine lists June 2009 page but nothing more recent. Wonder when that happened.

Holly Stick said...

Ethical Syrian operations? Or Pilate-like handwashing?

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