Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steve & Dimitri - Ethical Asbestos

Sooey Says :

"The good widow taking our government to task for exporting asbestos to the third world – without warning labels on the bags of death dust – should just tell the bastards threatening to sue her (over using the Conservative Party of Canada logo on her petition) that she saw it on those cheques the Harper Government was handing out on behalf of taxpayers and assumed it belonged to all Canadians."
Petition !
Dear Prime Minister Harper:
I support Michaela Keyserlingk, whose husband died from asbestos cancer and who is asking you to stop supporting the deadly asbestos trade and creating more asbestos victims.

I call on you to heed the message of Michaela Keyserlingk and Canada's medical authorities. Stop the export of asbestos. Provide transition assistance to the remaining 300 asbestos miners.

Your name here. Plus whatever editing you may care to add.
And a poster from Pale :

in solidarity with Michaela Keyserlingk.

Her story in her own words.

We're leaning on Steve here for his appalling outsized support of "ethical asbestos", but truly, Canada's record on asbestos has always been abysmal.
Update : Pale has now also made a blog badge for your sidebar. Grab it and pass it on!

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