Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Harper Government™ ©

Under this PM the state is everywhere

Industry Canada documents show 'Harperization' of government communications

Harperized : Rebranding the federal government

The Politics of Destruction

PM Harper takes communications strategy to new level

A Convenient Anti-Semitism

Given the final word at the end of CBC's Harperized debate on today's The Current linked above, Con MP Dean Del Mastro stated :
"People at home are not concerned about this."


deBeauxOs said...

I can't #definitively claim this to be a fact but in that context, wasn't Del Mastro talking about the terrified Catholic altar boys in his basement ... err, the CPC recruits for the Harper-Jugend?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - a bunch of links criticising our PM. Well done.

Alison said...

dBOs : Heh. Great post on Cotler btw.

Anon : No, it's a bunch of links which, when read in sequence, tell a particular story criticizing our PM :

1) Vacuum up whatever arms length political and cultural credit you can lay your hands on into the PMO.
2) Consolidate it.
3) Rebrand it.
4) Jettison everything you can that doesn't fit the new brand and paralyze the rest.
5) Hire hundreds of unaccountable staffers to replace policy and info exchange with pumping out new brand.
6) Outsource it to assholes.

Get it now?

thwap said...


YOUR pm, NOT mine.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the positions not kept and given to politically pure individuals are contract out as part of the shadow public server at many times the cost.

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