Monday, October 28, 2013

Harper's Parade of Perps with Perks #7

Welcome, Con chief counsel Arthur Hamilton, to Perps with Perks for your part in the Senate scandal - Wrighting a cheque to Mike Duffy's lawyer -  "CON FUNDS $13,560" while Duffy was under investigation to pay off his legal bills and shut him up so as not to arouse the Wrath of Cons.
"Cheque(s)" actually because we haven't yet seen the other Hamilton cheque stub Duffy mentioned last week, along with all the other paperwork the PMO assured CBC doesn't exist.

About that CON FUND mentioned on Hamilton's cheque - flashback to 2011 re the Cons' in-and-out scheme when Hamilton was counsel for that too.
"There were six people in charge of the Conservative Fund. Four are now charged. Nigel Wright is the fifth, and while two of them were rewarded with plush Senate seats, he's the chief of staff to the Prime Minister."
Previously, Hamilton is best known to us for ignoring Elections Canada entreaties to look into Con election fraud events perped in the days just prior to the last election, taking months to set up interviews with witnesses in Elections Canada's Guelph robocall investigation, and pre-empting the witnesses' lawyers when they finally got underway under his supervision.
To quote federal court judge Richard Mosley in the legal challenge alleging widespread voter suppression in the last federal election, the Cons, represented by Hamilton, "engaged in trench warfare in an effort to prevent this case from coming to a hearing on the merits."

Yesterday we heard Steve on the radio saying he'd "dismissed" Nigel Wright. 
What a long ways we've come from the Con story in May when "good Samaritan" Wright was only trying to protect taxpayers by writing a cheque for his good ole buddy Duffy. Steve was "very clear" he knew nothing at all about it and "immediately made this information public" after CTV had already reported it. Heh. 
Steve then "accepted Wright's resignation with regret".
Now Steve says he fired Wright and "a few" people in the PMO were in the know - 13 according to Robert Fife. 

So it seems the Con Party chief counsel Arthur Hamilton was in on it from the very beginning, unless of course Hamilton had no idea why he was writing the cheque to Duffy out of the Con Fund.
Maybe, like Steve, no one ever tells him anything either. 
Previous Perps with Perks with bios.

Mon evening update : Thinking about Steve's recent indignant law and order rhetoric re Duffy - presumably for the benefit of his base prior to their annual national convention next week. The delicious irony here is now he has to explain to them why their party donations were used to pay off the legal bills Duffy incurred due to PMO-directed Senate investigations against him.


Anonymous said...

"There were six people in charge of the Conservative Fund. Four are now charged. Nigel Wright is the fifth, and while two of them were rewarded with plush Senate seats, he's the chief of staff to the Prime Minister."

Looks like somebody owes Iggy an apology.

WILLY said...

I love your posts.

However I also drink a lot of scotch.

Kim said...

The Wrath of Cons.


Anonymous said...

Wrighting a cheque

Heh ...

Alison said...

Anon@6:10 : Yeah, seems Iggy was way on top of this but bullied into backing down.

Mr. Loman : That's odd - I drink while writing them.
Love your artwork, as you know.

Hi Kim : Glad you liked it.

Anon@7:20 : Likely not original.

So I've updated the post - just how do the base think those Duffy legal expenses they paid for were incurred? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Alison, Alison, Alison ... Steve won't have to explain anything to the base next week - they're already cobbling together a defence for themselves based on JT, pot, leftwing media, adscam, and besides Duffy admitted he never actually saw the 90K cheque. Problem solved.

Boris said...

Anon, even the base has its tolerances. They're down the bitter dregs left in the Timmies coffee maker now, as it is. The base won't turn from the Cons (unless a Reform II appears), but I can see them turning on Harper. He's looks weak and pathetic now and if can't recover from that, he becomes a liability. He was safe as long as his name was kept out of the Senate scandal and he could avoid comment and fire people, but now that he's being dragged into it, the odds are shifting on his political survival. He's not immune.

Showcase or something needs to do a series called "The Conservatives".

the salamander said...

.. ah yes, Arthur Hamilton .. but he'll already have his gilded lifeboat ready.. and if he does not claim attorney/client privilege for both ends of the stick - The Harper Government and for The Harper Party then perhaps a best seller book would be apropos ?

Anonymous said...

AC - Clusterduff! ROTF. JustIn time along comes MikeCheque 1, 2.

Alison said...

Anon@9:54 : MikeCheque 1, 2! That's very good.

Salamander : Despite being an active perp, Hamilton will never have to testify - everything will be attny/client.

Boris : "Tis but a scratch."
"A scratch? Your arm's off."
"No, it isn't."
"Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left."
"Tis but a flesh wound"

Boris said...

Ha! Yes, now there are calls for his resignation from...The SUN

Holly Stick said...

And now his good buddy Ford is in trouble.

Alison said...

Holly : Yeah, I never thought that vid would surface again - pulled off a hard drive. Think I'll post the Ford/Harper BBQ hat trick vid again in honour of this special day. Didn't they just go fishing again together lately?

Have you seen the police evidence pix?

"In the 44 days, Lisi and Ford had 349 “points of telephone contact"

Mostly swapping bags in gas stations from the looks of it.

Boris said...

I bet there's a whole lotta folks in their suburban mcmansions who suddenly can't remember voting for Ford. What a week!

Will they question their worldview, think about things a while? Nope. They'll vote for the next creep who whispers the magic words in their ears.

Alison said...

They might even vote for the same one!
'K so I've been trolling the freepshows and amazingly he still has his fierce defenders. It's all a liberal media conspiracy you see and so what, Trudeau smokes pot. Why doesn't the media go after him instead? etc etc.

Boris said...

Interesting to see the St. Nigel thing starting among the Cons:

More popcorn please.


e.a.f. said...

nothing ever changes with the cons. People must have forgotten the Mulroney years. If they did, read, Stevie Cameron's, "on the take, the mulroney years". What is currently going on is no surprise to me. I simply expected it to start sooner.

The Cons never did understand how to govern. Most likely because they don't get to do it very often and the reason they don't get to do it very often is because they are so bad at it. No one can rival the cons for their "scandals".

Alison said...

e.a.f. : I still use that book for reference - was recently reading about the beginnings of SNC-Lavalin - cobbled together to get gov contracts. Plus ca change.

Boris : Last time I checked, Kady was reporting 9 standing o's for Steve during his 40 minute opener at their convention. Rathgeber present.

Boris said...

Alison, I'd rather like to the CONvention really only appeals to the fanatics...there are the still the practical matters of emails, Duffy, polling data, etc, to be resolved in the reality outside the Calgary bubble. Granted, Harper is slip slip slippery and could grease his way through this unscathed but I'm not sure he'd be looking forward to the 2015 election.

Alison said...

I worry though, Boris, because 15 years ago friends in the states would argue Roe vs Wade was under serious attack and creationism was making inroads in the schools, and I would think yeah but when it comes down to it the majority will never stand for it. And now look.

Gerstein spoke at the Calgary bubble today : "70% of donations come from people who never donated to the former Progressive Conservatives, Canadian Alliance or Reform party ...
still out-fundraising its opponents, with the first nine months of this year bringing in $12.8 million"

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