Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rock the Hill 2014

Rock the Hill News Release
Ottawa, May 28, 2014 –Veterans, families and fellow Canadians will come together on Parliament Hill beginning June 4, 2014. This peaceful gathering is set to be the largest demonstration in support of veterans since the First World War, which began 100 years ago.
Unlike the politically scripted photo ops of military members and veterans which have inundated Canada’s media these past eight years, “Rock the Hill” is a truly grassroots apolitical initiative bringing Canadians together with veterans and their families.        
From their website
"Canada's Veterans are planning on going to Ottawa on June 4th to protest the total breach of trust that this government has shown towards us and the disregard of the sacred oath that has been in place since World War I. 
We also plan to enlighten the public on the amount of misinformation that this government is putting out with documented proof. 
By doing so we will be showing this government that we are no longer going to just stand by and take the continued mistreatment of our rights.
You don't have to be a Vet, or have anything to do with the military, to show your support. Actually, the more civilians the better. 
This will not be just a one-day event, as we plan on staying as long as it takes."

So naturally today there was a Con counterattack ...

Tories spending $4M more on veterans ads to counter 'misinformation': Fantino
Veterans Affairs is spending an additional $4 million on advertising this year — including television spots throughout the NHL playoffs ... The TV ads emphasize efforts to move soldiers smoothly from military to civilian life....
Liberal critic Frank Valeriote pointed out that this year's federal budget increased transition services for veterans by only $11,000.
"I'm wondering how you can justify for us your department spending more on advertising — a $4-million increase in advertising — and less on the actual programs themselves," Valeriote said. 
Fantino defended the increase, saying the ads are an attempt by the government to communicate directly with veterans and dispel what he called "misinformation" surrounding the treatment of ex-soldiers.
"We are faced with the bantering that goes back and forth about what is or isn't (covered); what facts and non-facts are; and also the fear mongering."  
Jenifer Migneault, whose husband Claude Rainville was diagnosed with PTSD eight years ago, has tried to raise awareness, but she said she can't get Conservative MPs — including Fantino's parliamentary secretary, Parm Gill — to return her calls.
"Please just use that money to talk to us," she said. 
Last year Veterans Affairs spent $88,194 to promote tweets for Remembrance Day and $15,500 on advertising services to veterans.

You can watch Fantino running away from Migneault today here.


Anonymous said...

That guy is such a POS.

John B. said...

So in Fantino’s opinion, putting an ad on TV is a means of direct communication with the affected veterans. When I first saw the ad during a hockey game, I considered the possibility but doubted that the government would have the nerve to make such a misrepresentation of the purpose of this propaganda. I should have remembered that it’s practically impossible to overestimate this government’s willingness to deceive and deflect. The minister could have sent each member a personal letter at a much lower cost.

West End Bob said...

Good on CTV for airing the story with video of fantino ignoring the military wife's pleas . . . .

Unknown said...

It used to be they spent that money on real people I could retire handsomely on the advertising budget of the now dead Con(vict) Party of Canada.

They have successfully blown up all their bridges and are now reaching for 'a bridge to far'

Anonymous said...

Living next door to Mountainview Cemetery in Vancouver, I can assure you that the Federal Government is spending plenty on the long dead cannon fodder with City of Vancouver staff spending endless hours tending to power washing grave markers and monuments and hand trimming the geraniums. Apparently the dead are worth much more than the survivors, perhaps because they're so much more quiet:
"Economic Action Plan 2013 proposes $65 million over two years to enhance the Funeral and Burial Program by simplifying the program for veterans’ estates and by more than doubling the current funeral services reimbursement rate from $3,600 to $7,376. The Government will continue to work with the Royal Canadian Legion to ensure that veterans continue to receive the support they need for a dignified funeral and burial."

~the waterbaby

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