Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Canada says torture flights "lawful"

From Macleans :
"Extraordinary rendition, the U.S. practice of shipping terrorism suspects to foreign prisons, may be legal in some cases, says the Foreign Affairs spokesman Rodney Moore :
"Whether any particular rendition is lawful would depend on the facts of each individual case." "

But hey, not to worry because :
"The government said earlier this year a review of dozens of alleged CIA aircraft landing at Canadian airports uncovered no evidence of illegal activity."

Even though :
"Alex Neve of Amnesty International Canada accused Ottawa on Monday of failing to "launch a thorough and comprehensive probe" of the possible use of Canadian airstrips by planes involved in extraordinary rendition.
"Some of those same planes implicated in the European cases are known to have made use of Canadian airspace and airstrips," he said."

Alleged CIA torture flights in 2005 : UK-210, Gemany-437, Canada, um, 0

At the same time this secret Foreign Affairs/Justice Dept report was being prepared last November, Condi Rice was jetting around Europe telling everyone to just shut up shut up shut up about torture flights.

Times-Online Dec 6, 2005
"Rice challenged European leaders to back controversial American anti-terrorism tactics yesterday as she robustly defended the CIA’s extrajudicial seizure, transportation and interrogation of thousands of suspects.
Dr Rice said that she expected American allies to co-operate and keep quiet about sensitive anti-terrorism operations....she pointedly reminded European governments that they had helped the US for years in a “lawful” policy of rendition — the removal of suspects to third countries for interrogation."

Ah, there we go - "lawful".


Anonymous said...

"We do all of the extraordinary rendition flights—you know, the torture flights. Let’s face it, some of these flights end up that way."
Bob Overby, managing director of a Boeing subsidiary
New Yorker, October 23 2006

Anonymous said...

Ernst Zundel was renditioned to Germany where he is still rotting in jail but I bet that's just fine with you.

Alison said...

Anon : As it happens, it is.
Deporting a German citizen back to the land of his birth after numerous public trials is not the same as snatching someone off the street and drugging them and transporting them to a third country with the intention that they be tortured without any recourse to the law.
Deportation is not extraordinary rendition.

Q said...

Poor Ernst is missing the big convention in Iran with David Duke. So sad.
As I recall, the CIA was using Jetsgo call numbers to sneak flights across Europe. Values we can all be proud of.
Speaking of uber-deniers of reality, Bush should be attending that conference.

Anonymous said...

"Deporting a German citizen back to the land of his birth after numerous public trials is not the same as snatching someone off the street"

However that is exactly what happened to Zundel. He was detained under the so-called "security certificate" system, where he was denied the right to a fair and open trial. The so-called Judge that presided over Zundels "case", was formerly in charge of CSIS during the time when Zundel was being spied on by CSIS here in Canada. Zundel was never found guilty of breaking Canadian law, and the reason for his eventual deportation remains a state secret - for our protection of course.

Zundel was deported to a country that has been under US occupation for several decades, which imprisons people for their beliefs alone.

Anonymous said...

"Poor Ernst is missing the big convention in Iran with David Duke."

... as well as a number of other notable attendees.

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews attend conference: "The Holocaust - Global Vision"

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