Saturday, December 09, 2006

Zack takes one for the team

Two years and a $15 million investigation later, we better be looking at more than just a petard protruding from between Zaccardelli's shoulder blades.

Zack : "I had no choice -- I have never had any choice -- but to tell the truth."

Yeah sure, ok, whatever.

Back in October, Zack held a press conference to reassure us that debacles like the Arar case would not be repeated becaue he had initiated safeguards like vetting what "paper documentation" on Canadians is given to US authorities. Meanwhile Evan Dyer was reporting on CBC that FBI agents are in fact physically present at Canadian Integrated National Security & Enforcement Teams(INSET) meetings where said intelligence on Canadians is discussed. As I said at the time, the FBI are probably quite capable of taking their own notes.

Obviously we have bigger problems here than how soon Zack begins collecting his pension and whether that stationery used to share information about Canadians with the FBI originates here or in the US.

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