Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gangsta wrap

I had an idea for a mafia gangster story today. Tell me what you think.

The story opens as the big mafia bosses are looking to expand their empire.
They take on a new guy - let's call him Vinnie - who's running his own small-time operation and set him up in business raiding a mutual foe. Now Vinnie is a vicious bastard, killing off civilians on his own turf as he pleases, but hey - business is business say the big bosses, who don't much care who else he knocks off as long as he gets the job done.
Unbeknownst to Vinnie, the big bosses have another agenda. Their optimum business advantage comes from keeping all the smaller bosses like Vinnie at each others' throats, so they not only arm Vinnie, they also arm the very foe they sent him out to raid.
When he discovers he's been double-crossed, Vinnie goes ballistic and starts shooting his mouth off that he's been set up. The bosses take over his turf, shut down his operation, kill a ton more civilians, and kidnap him.
To make their takeover of Vinnie's turf look legit, the Big Bosses have a show trial in which they accuse him of the one crime against his own people that they didn't directly finance. His defense lawyers get taken out in a hail of bullets and eventually Vinnie gets handed back to his own turf for a revenge killing and they hang him.

The story ends with the Big Bosses' mouthpiece saying some bullshit while everyone else looks around trying to guess who's being set up to be the next Vinnie.

So whaddaya say? A bit hackneyed? Too predictable?

In an unlikely coincidence, the same picture for this story ran on the front page of most Canadian newspapers.


Q said...

Hey, wadda ya gonna do, eh? He thought he was a made guy, a capo, the next day he's just another jamook on the street.

So he got whacked, business has been very good.

RossK said...


After all, if not Mushie in, say, the fall of 2009 when Jeb's numbers start tanking, well, who else?

Except for one little problem.

The Mushman actually has some real guns and bombs and and tanks and jets and whaddya call those things....

Oh, ya.

Nookyouleer bombs.


Alison said...

Ross, Ross, ya gotta look at the long term. Sure we might take a couple of hits but Rome wasn't dismantled in a day. After a decade of sanctions and inspections, Mushie could still work out as the new Vinnie.

RossK said...

Of course, what was I thinking anyway. After all, a nook or two would allow the dingbats to crank up the MilIndCom all the way into the stratosphere. And the meantime, if the quick bounce, errrr....fix, is needed there is always that guy in Uzbekistan that is so fond of boiling water and human flesh.

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