Saturday, May 19, 2007

Six days in a leaky boat

Seems like we may have ourselves a Tory whistleblower or two.

One : Baird's long-awaited environment initiative speech is mistakenly sent to the fax machine in the Liberal's lobby two days before he is due to make it public.

Two : An office temp allegedly leaks the framework of upcoming environment legislation to the media.

Three : Ministers' photo ops, green policy price tags, and itineraries for the next few months are leaked to the media.

Four : The Con's secret dirty tricks manual, aka Chaos For Dummies, is leaked to Don Martin at the National Post.

Five : Someone leaks to Canada Press that the government has "ordered all committee chairs to return their copies of the [dirty tricks] handbook, apparently in a bid to determine who broke confidence."

Some are predicting that Steve will shut down the HoC till fall, before anything else spills out.
Hey, it worked for BC Premier Gordon Campbell.

H/T Scott Tribe


RossK said...

And it may just work for Mr. Campbell again if he can get this darn Dobranos series cancelled before the Ledge is set to sit again in the fall.

Or, if it does get picked up for an extended run, I guess our Gordon could always just cancel all sittings until after the Olympics in a demonstration of the awesome security crackdown to come.


Alison said...

Ross : I'm waiting for The Dobranos Boxed Set Director's Cut - you know, where they include all the deleted scenes that weren't included when it first came out.

Great job you're doing over there on this, btw. Must be difficult to write about - alleged this, maybe that. I wrote to BC Mary some time ago asking her to do a what-we-know-so-far post but I guess we're notquite there yet.

MgS said...

Comparatively speaking, Campbell's almost likable - Harper isn't.

Oh yes - don't forget with the Cons, the interesting stuff happens when the house is out of session - like Ralph Klein, this bunch does as much as possible by PMO fiat without the house if they can avoid it.

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