Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hitlertude in the House!

In response to Elizabeth May comparing Con environment policy to Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis, Harper told the House about : :
" a copy of a letter I received from Ed Morgan, the national president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, noting that[ ] Elizabeth May has diminished the Holocaust, used the Nazi analogy that is demagogic and inappropriate, while belittling Canadians of faith.
I think the Leader of the Opposition should be able to say that he believes that diminishing the Holocaust and using Nazi analogies are inappropriate."
Why, it seems like only yesterday that Jason Kenney addressed Congregation Beth Israel Beth Aaron, accusing "genocidal" Iran of seeking "a final solution, in a perverted twist on history, that would complete the work Hitler began."
Defending Kenney, Stockwell Day explained that comparing Hezbollah to the Nazis — as his caucus colleague Jason Kenney did this month (Sept 2006) — was a "straight historic analogy."
So there ya go. Analogies invoking Chamberlain are "demogogic, inappropriate, and belittle the Holocaust and Canadians of faith", but if you go straight for the Hitler, you've got yourself a "historic analogy".
Hansard link via Steve at Far and Wide, who lays into the disingenuous poo flinging that is Question Period.


Anonymous said...

Sharp take on that, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The glass house is getting crowded

What complete bullshit this whole farce is. What the hell are we paying these people for?

Comments are fucked again today btw.

Alison said...

The glass house is a pile of shards but unfortunately it will be magically reassembled by tomorrow.
Everyone looked like hypocritical idiots here and their various deflections were even more embarrassing. Lookin at you, Jack.

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