Monday, February 25, 2008

Canadian F-Word Blog Awards results

are in and I'm just gonna bask right here for a moment.
Creekside was voted Best Political Blog, and also came runner-up for Best Individual Blog
OK, that felt terrific. Thank you, all.

The real "Best" here though goes to F-Word Blog Awards hosts Pale and Prole from A Creative Revolution. Thank you, Pale and Prole, for your kick-ass F-Wording example of how to turn a slight into a success, to Heather Mallick who sent along a message of congratulations to all the nominees, and to all who so generously participated. Results, presentations here.

And a personal note of thanks to the Chief at Seaside, my sometime editor in real life, who cajoled me into starting a blog. And my mom, of course, and the support of my two wonderful cats without which......oh noes, the music is coming up...


West End Bob said...

Just keep talking over the music, Alison.

You deserve it ! ! ! !

skdadl said...

Make them drag you off the stage, Alison, and keep talking ...

Well done! I saw your banner coming at me in that vid, and I started to applaud.

You know about me, heh heh. Oh, I'm never gonna live this down.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's well deserved.

For me it's always a thrill to have voted for some winners. Doesn't happen in politics much.

Q said...

I voted for Juno but I can't find her blog?

Alison's gorgeous cats always get my support.

Anonymous said...

*blush! Thanks, Alison. We were inspired. :-)


Rev.Paperboy said...

well-deserved kudos! (whatever the hell a "kudo" is)

keep up the excellent work

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