Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why don't women blog?

Popular, Liberal Male Blogger: Why don't women blog? I've looked on my blogroll and I don't see any women bloggers. Therefore, they must not exist. Women must not be interested in thinky stuff like politics or computers.

45 Women Bloggers respond in the comments section: WTF? We all have blogs!

Liberal, Male Blogger: I don't mean blogs about tampons. All women do is talk about feminine hygiene products. I mean, Where are all the women who blog about important stuff; the stuff *I'm* interested in.

45 Women Bloggers: You're right. We only talk about feminine hygiene products. Here's more talk about feminine hygiene products: You are a douche.

Wonderfully snarky re-enactment of "a phenomenon that happens about every three months or so" continues here at One Good Thing

The post is three years old.

H/t to Skdadl at Bread 'n Roses


West End Bob said...

Thank you, Alison, for making me laugh so early in the morning . . . . :)

Q said...

Great link.
The Honeysuckle shop is awesome.
Sex toys and turkey basting tips in one location is more than I could......I am now without want.

Dr.Dawg said...

Great post! But your last link doesn't work, at least for me.

Alison said...

Sorry, Dawg, it doesn't work for me either anymore but then it is a two year old post about a five year old post.

Why don't women blog? is a genre. ;-)
Looking for the link for you I found posts on it going back to 2001.

Holly Stick said...

Liberal blogger who has the wit to pose it as a question:

"...Is it accurate to describe the blogosphere demographic as mainly male, and Facebook’s as mainly female?.."


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