Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Last Giant Oil Frontier

Anyone else receiving this email investment offer from the "owners" of "unclaimed arctic treasures"?

The Last Giant Oil Frontier : Access to a Trillion Dollars in oil and natural gas!
"Who owns the Arctic Commons vast oil and gas resources?
The US Company, United Oil and Gas Consortium Management Corp., does.
The US Government and oil companies currently have access to a strong prior claim to the Arctic Commons hydrocarbons through the US Nevada private company United Oil and Gas Consortium Management Corp., which made a solid international Arctic Commons hydrocarbons claim on May 9th 2006."

Rigzone, Feb 7, 2008 : "This claim [with the United Nations and the five Arctic countries] is for the exclusive exploitation, development, marketing and extraction rights to the oil and gas resources of the seafloor and subsurface contained within the "Arctic Claims"; an area of the Arctic Ocean that has no country's claims to it; or simply, the open area in between all of the Arctic-bordering countries.

A preliminary assessment by the US Geological Survey suggests the Arctic seabed may hold as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and natural gas reserves. By one estimate, 400 billion barrels of oil might lie beneath the Arctic seabed.
Provided the Company's claim tenure, legal issues and government negotiations are managed properly, the Arctic Commons Deeps basin area could become the world's largest independently owned offshore oilfields; safely beyond the reach of self-serving governments.

Peter Sterling, CEO of the Company, commented, "For the major independent oil companies, (IOCs) operating in the world's great sedimentary oil basins, the above-ground risks via onerous taxation and outright expropriation are becoming extreme. IOCs are not getting access to enough new sources of oil and gas. State owned oil companies are increasingly taking over their national oil reserves and squeezing out the IOCs. IOCs urgently need to find a new vision for energy growth to remain relevant and the Arctic Commons Deeps sedimentary basin complex represents such an opportunity. And we intend to manage that vision by acting as the 'Lead Manager' of the Arctic Commons Consortium."

They have a website explaining the whole thing.
They also have, um, issues :

"The North Pole is ours, not Russia's!
The last giant oil frontier on Earth is in the arctic. The ocean floor is believed to hold vast reserves of untapped oil and natural gas, which is expected to become accessible as climate change melts the ice.
Russia's bogus claim to the deep ocean floor beneath the Arctic ice cap has been dismissed by other countries with territories bordering the region.
It is the sort of gangsterism practiced by Russia’s government - and from the arbitrary and cruel behavior of President Putin towards those who disagree with him and criticize him, an alarming number of whom meet early deaths, that threatens the free world and makes governments and companies loath to deal with Russia for energy projects.
The free world should have its share of the vast energy reserves that lie beneath the Arctic without having to deal with Russia’s blackmailing regime."

So seldom does one come across the word "bogus" even once in a missive soliciting investment funding, but United Oil and Gas Corp manage to squeeze it in there three or four times.

The U.N is also on their shitlist for having established the "International Criminal Court (which can try individuals for violations of international law) and the U.N. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency". As yet unbeknownst to the rest of us, the U.N. also has secret designs on the moon.

But wait! Apparently we're still not done with Russia yet! :

"From Kamchatka to the Gulf of Finland, Russia is still a land of acid rain, heavy metals and plutonium. Stick a pin in a map of Russia and you are likely to alight upon a poisoned river or the rusting hulk of a nuclear submarine, an irradiated steppe, some chemically defoliated birch trees or a person with a life expectancy of 34 years."

Point being : Neither the U.N. nor Russia are suitable stewards of the 1.3 million miles of "unclaimed Arctic treasures", a job obviously better left to private enterprise and the United Oil and Gas Consortium Management Corp., foe of arms control, the International Court, the UN, "onerous taxation", and "self-serving governments".


West End Bob said...

No, Alison, haven't gotten the email yet.

You get on all the cool lists, don't c'ha ? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

The name Cliff Kincaid sounds familiar (writer of that letter):

Alison said...

This is more like a tepid list, WEB.

Holly : There were a lot of peculiar links there and the site's particular weirdness made me doubt that anyone would take their stake on the unclaimed areas seriously, but if it's legal, some other corpse could buy them out or front for them I guess.

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