Tuesday, May 27, 2008


yeah, you were awesome too baby ... hey, did i leave some shit there last night? ***
BT Stephen Taylor is pleased that this whole sordid business of biker chicks and microphones allegedly planted in the seams of mattresses is now solidly behind us :
"By clearing the deck of the Bernier issue, the Prime Minister’s office will construct a narrative of promptly dealing with issues of substance and holding the line on fabrications from the opposition...Today was a bad day for Conservatives, but it represents an opportunity for the government move forward on its agenda without this distraction."
Yeah! - "moving forward", "constructing a narrative", "promptly dealing with issues".
So what have you got for us?
Ottawonk, from whom I pillaged the above pic and ***, notes that according to this Government House Leader page, next week is "Sound Economic Management Without a Carbon Tax Week", tastefully accompanied over at the ReformaTory homepage with this pic.
Oh. So it's Business as Usual with Funny Hats Week vs boobs then, is it?
I dunno, Mr Taylor, but I'm gonna hafta go with Cleavage-gate here. Boob stories always have more legs.
Ottawonk - wicked funny on this - Go


RossK said...

Dig the timestamp on Mr. Taylor's post.....

13 minutes before the official announcement.

Mean nothing?


Mean something?


Anonymous said...


i like cleavage-gate. scuzzy-gate would be appropriate too (biker chick).

i'm trying to remember canada's most organized criminals....hell's angels for one, russian mafia and then there's czechoslovakia or something. rcmp lists fighting organized crime as one of their 'pillars'. but we're told canada doesn't have the money to do it.

no wonder there's not enough cash around when there's so many dicks to blow.

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